Mold Tool and Die Industry

Design and manufacture your tooling faster

Manufacturers need to design and produce jigs, fixtures, gauges, patterns, molds, tools and dies faster and cheaper to compete.


3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS products offer integrated modeling, simulation, and communication tools that mold, tool, and die manufacturers need to design better products faster and at lower cost to:

  • Design & Manufacture Tooling
  • Automate the Process
  • Deal with Design Changes
Mold Tool and Die Industry

Mold Tool and Die Industry Requirements

3DEXPERIENCE solutions allow Mold Tool and Die Industry companies to:

Confidently Handle RFPs

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be more accurate for injection-molded or progressive die part, because you can identify potential problem areas and point them out to prospective customers during the proposal development process.

Design & Manufacture Tooling

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS provides a complete software solution for design, simulation, and manufacturing of molds, tools, and dies.

Deal with Design Changes

Through associativity, when your customer changes a design with a new CAD file, you can simply import the CAD file into the original part design, and use it to automatically update the mold, tool or die design.

Automate the Process

By providing a wide range of integrated capabilities, the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS design environment helps you automate many aspects of the design process with integrated analysis tools for validating designs using software prototypes.

Mold Tool and Die Industry Design & Verification

Drive innovation and connectivity with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS software

Automated mold, tool and die design, analysis, and validation tools enable you to produce better tooling in less time and at a reduced cost. You can meet customer demand for shorter lead times and reduced pricing, while improving your profitability.

Utilize the software solutions below to create your tooling:

Mold Tool and Die Industry Product Lifecycle Management

Deal with change more effectively to improve profitability

By providing a wide range of integrated capabilities, the SOLIDWORKS design environment helps you automate many aspects of the design process with integrated data management tools for organizing your tooling design projects.

Discover our process management solutions:

Mold Tool and Die Industry Manufacturing

Manage the production of your design with leading ERP and machining solutions

Go from the design studio to the factory floor in a fraction of the time it takes other development processes. With DELMIAWorks your business can produce all manner of tools, jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing aids with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Plus DELMIA Machining and Robotics solutions enables programmers to cut down programming time significantly (by over 40%) with powerful automation and knowledge reuse capabilities.

Go further with TriMech Group Solutions

The TriMech Group provides additional technology solutions from training and services to hardware and manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

With 3D Printing and 3D Scanning you have the opportunity to create tooling and custom fixtures giving you the flexibility to embrace more opportunities, act faster and shrink the cost and risk associated with traditional production.

Advanced manufacturing solutions and services, allows mold, tool and die designers to print production tooling in less than a day as opposed to days and weeks for traditional metal tools. Instead of spending time and money to machine, fabricate, mold or cast your tools you can easily print them using a variety of high performance materials.

Enterprise Solutions

We partner with businesses to help them develop processes and people and to implement the right choice of systems to realise their vision.

This process is built on discussion and common understanding, we take the time to understand all of your requirements before making recommendations that will enable you to benefit from a return on investment in a scalable, affordable and measurable process.

Primarily we implement solutions from the Dassault Systèmes portfolio of products and solutions, including: CATIADELMIAENOVIASIMULIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.