SOLIDWORKS Electrical Deployment Service (EDS)

Get up and running with a professionally configured electrical design solution following SOLIDWORKS best practices.

The implementation service provides quick-start training for SOLIDWORKS Electrical software, installation of the server and client applications, and industry-specific template(s) to ensure successful system adoption.

Our certified SOLIDWORKS Electrical Service team has the industry experience and expertise to help you implement and apply SOLIDWORKS Electrical to your workflow.

TriMech Solution

Deploy Your Electrical Software

The unique deployment service from TriMech includes:

  • Installation of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Server and Client software
  • Quick-start SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training for your group
  • Setup of industry-specific template(s) which include libraries of symbols, parts, reports, and configurations.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical In Use

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Deployment Service (EDS) Service Features

A tailored implementation service that provides interactive training, installation, and a customer-directed configuration:

SOLIDWORKS electrical deployment service

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Software Installation

We install your SOLIDWORKS Electrical Server and Client software. The installation includes several industry-specific templates, symbols, parts, reports, and configurations.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbol Deployment

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Quick-start Training

Live interactive training provides a comprehensive overview of how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical for your schematic design needs – including drawing standards, developing schematics, and using reports.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Setup & Configuration

Setup of industry-specific template(s) and configuration of your electrical software to meet your standards and requirements.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Service Offerings

Choose from five deployment services for SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic software

Electrical and mechanical design
Our Deployment Process
  • 1 Introductory Meeting
  • 2 SOW Review & Approval
  • 3 Server & Client Installation
  • 4 Project Template Configuration
  • 5 Online Training
  • 6 GO LIVE
EDS 1 - Standard
Electrical Deployment Service (EDS) 1 - Standard

For SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard Software

The Electrical Deployment Service is designed to accelerate the integration of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard software into your current internal workflows, resulting in earlier adoption and lasting success. Service includes professional installation of library and client software, accelerated interactive digital training seminar, and business-specific library and template configuration for SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard.


Service includes professional, remote installation of all essential product software for a multi-user environment.

  • Microsoft SQL Express
  • Application Data
  • Collaborative Server
  • Client Application (max 1)


Provides instructor-led, interactive digital training on SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic for one student (More students may be added for additional fee). Format: Seminar

  • Project Creation
  • Drawing Types
  • Symbols and Components
  • Part Library Management
  • Symbol Library Management
  • Wires & Equipotentials
  • Origin-Destination Arrows
  • Project/Circuit Macros
  • Project Template Configuration
  • Automated Reports


Business-focused configuration of the library and project template ensures conformance with company standards.

  • Library Administration & Standardization
    • Libraries (2)
    • Revision Scheme (1)
  • Project Template
    • Title Block (1)
    • Wire Styles (10)
    • Wire/Component Numbering Convention (1)
    • Standard Reports (5)
EDS 1 - Professional
EDS 2 - Standard
EDS 2 - Professional

Top 10 Traits of a Successful Electrical Deployment

Benefits of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Service

How a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Service can help your business

Reduce manual effort & spend more time engineering

We will show you how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical software to it's full potential in order to streamline and simplify tedious schematic design tasks; from terminal block to contact cross reference assignments.

Reduce errors & the number of design revisions

Provides you with an optimal process with Design Rule Checks (DRCs), Project Management/Cross Referencing and Reports including Bill of Materials and Wire Lists.