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Full Design Management

TriMech provides on-demand engineering and design solutions through our dedicated team of industry leading engineers.

Our ideation process begins by bringing your ideas to fruition. We provide digital solutions that creates the parts and environments needed to test your theories.

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With our tools, TriMech’s team enables you to virtually test the capabilities of your designs through simulated physical cases such as acceleration, forces, and volume.

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With 3D scanning, our rapid prototyping team supports product production via materials, form, fit and color – enabling designers to test and validate their products.

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Our Documentation process captures the parameters and analysis results to successfully report on physical conditions before moving forward with further testing.

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Our diligent production team enables designers to manufacture real end-use, quality-ensured products enhanced by our upstream calculations.

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TriMech’s expert product management team helps inspect, manage and validate your finished product – ensuring efficient workflows and processes.

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Latest News

New Acquisitions Expand Solution Portfolio

TriMech has recently acquired Adaptive Corporation and Forward Vision, expanding TriMech’s portfolio offering to include CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, FlexSim and Creaform.

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Engineering Services

On-Demand Engineering and Design Services

From design and analysis to expert consulting services, TriMech offers on-demand and on-site engineering leadership support.

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Learn from industry-leading professionals online or in-person

TriMech offers online and in-person digital training led by our highly skilled engineering team for all levels of users.

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