Manage project timelines, resources, processes, and advanced items

What is SOLIDWORKS Manage?

SOLIDWORKS® Manage provides a unique set of advanced data management tools. This is accomplished by leveraging the file management capabilities and ease of use of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and adding powerful project, process, and item management capabilities.

Distributed Data Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage takes the place of the separate disconnected tools that an organization might use to manage engineering resources and processes. It is compatible with many existing tools, and works to more efficiently and effectively maintain the integrity of enterprise information.

With SOLIDWORKS Manage, organizations can now plan each stage of a project, assign resources and tasks, and attach required documentation within the same ecosystem used to design. When users complete their tasks, project progress is automatically updated. And, project managers can take advantage of powerful dashboard capabilities to see critical information in a single, easy-to-understand interface.

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SOLIDWORKS Manage Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Manage is here to expand SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and help tame your data complexity with project management capabilities


With SOLIDWORKS Manage, information can be presented in an easy to understand dashboard that can be tailored not only to display the critical information you need, but also present the right information to the functional areas of your team.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting can be tailored per user and can display data in a variety of chart styles to help everyone make sense out of the complex data that is important to them.

Project Task Creation

Because SOLIDWORKS Manage is an extension of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, it's now easy to attach document records from PDM to tasks.

Project Lists

Project Lists give a deeper understanding of the progress status of your projects, and can quickly consume project details through project tabs.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts can be created by templates that have key stages and milestones for your project process. Once created, timelines can be easily modified with simple drag and drop.

Project BOM

With SOLIDWORKS Manage you can leverage the existing mechanical BOM from SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, as well as capture additional items like tooling, electrical components, and packaging

Task Lists

SOLIDWORKS Manage reminds users through Task lists. When users log in, they will immediately see his to-do list of tasks. They even display on a calendar so users know when to work on each item.

PDM Connection

SOLIDWORKS Manage is directly connected to your SOLIDWORKS PDM. SOLIDWORKS PDM shows you where this part is used in assemblies and drawings. And now, with SOLIDWORKS Manage, you have visibility to its use in Bills of Materials, Projects...and several Engineering Change Requests.

BOM Collaboration & Variants

SOLIDWORKS Manage allows cross functional collaboration on the BOM and different versions can be generated when required for different teams or applications.

“Our engineering processes are well defined and well documented. I can tell new customers with confidence that we’re delivering on milestones because we’re tracking our performance on speed and quality every day.”

Ray Minator
Owner, Inertia Engineering + Design

“When we chose SOLIDWORKS PDM, we hoped that the technology would progress in parallel with our product development efforts. Now, it’s extremely gratifying to not only see how prevalent SOLIDWORKS has become with other companies we deal with, but also to benefit from the powerful solutions that SOLIDWORKS has introduced.”

Claudio Perfetti
Product Engineering Manager at Teknion

SOLIDWORKS Manage Features

Enable everyone involved in your projects to share information and collaborate

SOLIDWORKS Project Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage provides critical information to help teams focus on important tasks and provides an overview of resource capacity for better planning and utilization.

  • Manage project stages, timelines, and milestones.
  • View resource utilization and capacity.
  • Attach items, files, and list deliverables.
  • Utilize user tasks and timesheets to track progress.

Item Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage brings together, in one place, all components required for product definition, whether represented by a CAD model, document, or database-only items.

  • Create, edit and compare Bills of Materials (BOMs) using items and files.
  • Automatically or selectively create items for SOLIDWORKS configurations.
  • Drive SOLIDWORKS drawing BOMs and item numbers.

Process Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage streamlines business processes, automates document creation, and brings together all involved stakeholders with new products, from sales and marketing to production and support.

  • Configure states and decision points for all types of business processes.
  • Attach affected items and files and enable ad-hoc approvers and user tasks.

Dashboards and Reports

SOLIDWORKS Manage provides instant access to critical information in an easy-to-consume format for better decision making.

  • Create interactive graphical dashboards to display critical information.
  • Configure reports to company standards and publish automatically or on demand.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Matrix

Compare Manage software to SOLIDWORKS PDM

Secure Access
Establish a secure file vault to control access to sensitive or proprietary product information.
Revision Control
Track design changes and avoid the errors of manual methods. Track changes and maintain a complete revision history of a design’s evolution.
Find and Reuse Design Data
Quickly locate and reuse existing design data to save time and control costs.
Audit Trail
Maintain a complete history of your product design, engineering, and development activities for reporting and auditing purposes.
Integrated Search
Save time and reduce development costs through design reuse by quickly finding needed data across a range of file types using the powerful searching tools.
Integrated eDrawings Preview
View eDrawings®, SOLIDWORKS, and AutoCAD® documents in eDrawings.
Engineering Change Management
Reduce the time to complete your design approval and Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes. Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flowchart interface.
Bill of Materials Management
Maintain, manipulate, and leverage Bill of Materials (BOM) information to support downstream applications and systems. Create individual BOM objects from existing CAD file structures that automatically update in parallel with the evolution of the CAD model, eliminating the frequent manual updates required when using spreadsheets. Connect your CAD data with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems, enabling you to easily update BOM information in other businesses enterprise systems. Use customizable templates to display BOM information in multiple formats or to format BOM information to meet the needs of a user or group.
Regulatory Compliance
Facilitate compliance with government regulatory requirements and industry standards. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can bolster compliance for several types of regulatory requirements, such as FDA, RoHS, ISO 9001 and 14000, ANSI, and others.
Advanced Search and Favorites
Save and share search criteria as “favorites”, providing you with instant access to common searches.
Multi-Document Preview
View multiple documents in the Preview window.
Easily connect the design data needs of your entire enterprise, whether for just a few users in a single location or hundreds of contributors working in multiple locations.
Automated Neutral File Creation
Save time and effort communicating by configuring SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to automatically create neutral file formats.
Custom Configuration
Map variables to both predefined properties (such as Title and Author) and custom named properties in SOLIDWORKS files.
Automated Data Import and Export
Import variable values from an XML file into a vault database. Create an export rule to export SOLIDWORKS PDM BOM variables that can be read into ERP systems.
Serial Number Generators
Use serial numbers to assign automatic names to files and folders, to assign unique IDs to items, or to add unique running values to card controls.
Distributed Design Teams
Tools and capabilities that your enterprise needs to keep people connected, up-todate, and working on the same set of data.
Remote Access
Enable staff and partners to contribute through web-enabled portals from various connected devices including smartphones and tablets.
Automated Approval Process
Automatically facilitate multiple required approvers with parallel transitions.
Email Notifications
Logged-in user will receive an email message when a predefined event occurs in a file or folder.
Project management
Provide critical information to help teams focus on important tasks, and provide an overview of resource capacity for better planning and utilization. Manage project stages, timelines, and milestones along with resource utilization and capacity. Utilize user tasks and timesheets to automatically track progress.
User Tasks
Provide users with the knowledge they need to work more effectively by utilizing tasks and calendars..
Process management
Track design changes and avoid the errors of manual methods. Track changes and maintain a complete revision history of a design’s evolution.
Item management
Create, edit and compare complete bills of materials (BOM) by associating items, files and free text. Manage product variations for different use cases and applications. Drive SOLIDWORKS drawing bill of materials and item numbers directly from system data.
Dashboards and reports
Create and distribute interactive graphical dashboards to display critical information. Configure reports to company standards and publish automatically or on demand.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Benefits

Easy to use software which will adapt to your business process

Save Time

Reduces the time in creating complete Bills of Materials (BOMs) through an easy-to-use editing feature that combines file and record data, and by automatically sharing product data with other business systems.

Reduces Cost

Lessens the expense of maintaining multiple data management systems and separate applications by providing access to synchronized data all in one system and by eliminating the need for external resources or consultants.

One System

Avoids project development time and cost overruns by having all timelines, resources, tasks, and deliverables linked to a common project object and updated in one system.

Aids Decision Making

Provides project managers with information to make critical product development decisions with the help of interactive dashboards and an overall view of resource capacity.

Looking for a Cloud Alternative?

3DEXPERIENCE Works provides a Safe, Social, Connected, Informed and Structured alternative to SOLIDWORKS Manage for team leaders, project managers and other professionals who want to manage data on the cloud and collaborate without constraints.

Safe: Customer controlled access. Transparent cloud backup. Encrypted communication protocols. Data always safe-no overwrite, no loss of data.

Social: Integrated structured and unstructured collaboration tools enabling social innovation. Collaborate on product design or engage with your stakeholders early in product development.

Connected: Every user always connected to a single, common database. Access data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Review and markup models.

Informed: Choose from the widget library, Create and share Dashboards. Get the latest information about your product development. Always have access to your latest data.

Structured: Zero overhead data management - store and manage data across collaborative spaces, share information in communities. Find indexed data faster by using tags, custom search, etc.