CAD Data Management Software

Collaborate, Store, and Manage SOLIDWORKS Data

What is CAD Data Management?

CAD Data Management enables users to store, organize, and revise complex CAD relations, files, and related design data.

Keeping SOLIDWORKS data organized is integral to maintaining efficient and productive design and manufacturing teams. A reliable data management system ensures security for and brings traceability to your CAD data.

The security provided by CAD data management software comes from controlling file access and visibility with strict user permissions and workflows to map paths for files throughout the design and manufacture phases.

Traditionally, CAD data management adds a layer of protection by storing files on a server. All of our CAD data management solutions integrate seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS, and we offer both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

Benefits of CAD Data Management

  • Security for your CAD files and associated data.
  • Rapid database searching mean you can access data easily and work within customized folder stuctures.
  • All interactions with files are logged to give complete traceability to file history through controlled user permissions.
  • Automated revision management ensures modifications are logged and approval routes are utilized.
  • Our solutions are scalable, so you can benefit no matter the size of your business or CAD data.

Why you need Data Management for SOLIDWORKS

Discover TriMech Data Management Services

Installation, configuration, data migration & admin support services provided by our certified technicians.

Data Migration

Data Migration Services

TriMech’s Data Migration Service is for all customers – whether a new or existing SOLIDWORKS PDM system – adding data to their vaults.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service for PDM Standard and Professional

SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service

TriMech’s team of Certified Experts can provide you with a comprehensive SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional.

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SOLIDWORKS Manage Deployment System

Get the best start using SOLIDWORKS Manage, our team will help get you set up with best practices so you can begin taking advantage of better SOLIDWORKS Document Control, BOM Management, ECX Process Control, and Project Management.

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