Data Migration Services

TriMech provides Data Migration Services for both new and existing SOLIDWORKS PDM users, offering refined service levels and tools developed by a dedicated programming team to ensure efficient and secure data migration, meeting evolving client needs.

Our commitment is to deliver top-notch service and a superior migration experience.

TriMech Service
Data Migration Services Benefits & Capabilities


  • Minimize downtime by ensuring a 98% success rate file import, utilizing migration validation, addressing missing SOLIDWORKS file references, and continuing the migration despite encountering corrupt files.
  • Migrate file history by including the correct username, handling corrupted file versions without skipping, and storing non-data card properties.
  • Manage multiple revisions schemes in one migration by supporting working copies and various schemes with Alpha and Alpha-Numeric.
Data Migration

TriMech's Migration Services and Feedback

TriMech is committed to providing detailed feedback during the process, reducing migration time, and preventing errors that slow down the process.

Data Doctor Results

Data Doctor - Data Analysis


Disposition Document - Customer Input and Mapping to Control Migration Details


DMS Specific Development - DMS Level Development


DMS Import Utility - Data Import

Information technology solutions

Data Migration Systems

Choose from our four migration service packages based on your specific needs.

DMS Entry Level

The Entry-level system is designed to meet the basic needs of customers migrating data from Windows Explorer and/or SOLIDWORKS Workgroup who desire limited clean-up of their data.

Included Support

The system comes with 40 hours of mentoring/development time to be utilized for migration-related training, setup, validation, and development.

Migration Features

Support for basic SOLIDWORKS property/reference/revision issues is provided. Additionally, there is limited duplicate name/content clean-up included in the system's support.

Specific Migration Approach

The system is designed to migrate SOLIDWORKS Workgroup in an "as-is" fashion with limited clean-up, aligning with the desire for minimal data modification.

DMS Intermediate Level
DMS Professional Level
DMS Executive Level

TriMech's DMS Matrix

Explore our Data Migration System Packages

System Hours
The number of hours not-to-exceed for the level package specified. If additional hours are needed the TriMech DMS Specialist will provide a report of hours used to the client. Administrative hours may be purchased and utilized to complete the remaining work. DMS Executive is a minimum of 120 hours but is quoted as a deliverable and not-to-exceed does not apply.
Windows Explorer
A NTFS file store location that contains data to be migrated.
A SOLIDWORKS Workgroup VaultData folder that contains data to be migrated.
PDM System
Any document management system that contains data to be migrated. Examples are AutoDesk Vault, Agile, Oracle, SmartTeam, existing SOLIDWORKS PDM, etc.*(Singular PDM System support)
PLM System
Any lifecycle management system that contains data to be migrated. Examples are TeamCenter, SmartTeam, etc.
Document References
A link between one or more document(s) created either manually (user defined) or via a programmatic structure from a CAD software. SOLIDWORKS only defines that only references created/maintain in the SolidWorks document types are supported.
Document History
Historical versions of a document created throughout its life. SOLIDWORKS Workgroup defines that only history from SOLIDWORKS workgroup sources are supported.
Advanced Post Migration Actions
Advanced actions that can be performed by the customer post migration using TriMech provided tool set(s). Supported in PDM Professional only.
Statement of Work
Documentation that defines the detailed requirements of the project. Post Sale defines that a statement of work will be created as the first step of the DMS process. Statement of work hours are pulled from the available project hours. Pre-Sales w/Quote defines that a statement of work will be created and provided along with a quote defining the process before any sale is finalized.
Post SalePost SalePost SalePre Sale w/ Quote
Typical Time Frame
The typical time frame to complete the associated DMS level. Time frames are directly impacted by the customers' ability to complete requirements such as remote access, statement of work markups and validation.
1-4 months1-6 months3-9 months3-9 months

SOLIDWORKS WorkGroup PDM Extraction service

TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS WorkGroup PDM Extraction service allows for vaulted data to be extracted. The files can then be placed in windows explorer folders. During the service we provide these options.

  • Extraction Path
    • The root of the path to start extraction of project structure
    •  It is difficult to determine the amount of space required for this operation, be sure you have at least 8 times the free space available over the current vault size
  • Zip Data
    • Specifies to ZIP the data that is extracted
    • ZIP Clean up
      • Specifies to remove the folders after extraction
    • ZIP Leave Latest
      • Specifies to leave the latest version only extracted to the drive
    • ZIP Compression Level
    • ZIP Name
      • Wild cards {n} for name and {r} for revision

This service allows for the revision history of all documents to be extracted. Due to nature of the history in the vault, compression into a ZIP format is recommended. We offer extraction without file compression if requested. These processes can create significant duplication of data.