Connect SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

TriMech provides small to large companies with the help needed to Plan, Setup, Migrate, Run, Operate, and Optimise 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS.

For every stage of your 3DEXPERIENCE adoption, you can rely on the TriMech Team to make the transition easier.

TriMech Service

A variety of 3DEXPERIENCE Services provided by certified technicians

  • Onboarding Services to help your team get started with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS including activation, installation, sharing and markup.
  • Quickstart Services to help you set up your vault, apply revision control and define templates.
  • Launch Services to help you manage, control and migrate your data onto the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Discover TriMech 3DEXPERIENCE Services

3DEXPERIENCE Onboarding, Quickstart, and Launch Services

Free Service

Free 3DEXPERIENCE Onboarding

Our essential service includes 3DEXPERIENCE installation, activation and access to your dashboard and learning resources.

Service is available free to TriMech SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service customers to get onboard with SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Services.

How to Activate & Access the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Setup of your 3DEXPERIENCE Dashboard and how to use it.

How to use Share & Markup cloud services from within SOLIDWORKS.

Installation of 3DEXPERIENCE and connection with SOLIDWORKS.

Assistance with Adding Users to your 3DEXPERIENCE account.

How to access 3DEXPERIENCE Learning Resources



Get up to speed quickly with 3DEXPERIENCE, TriMech certified experts will help you to create your vault, apply revision control and generate templates.

Service is available to purchase by anyone with a 3DEXPERIENCE account.

Learn how to create Vaults and configure for your business.

How to Search & Open 3DX files from within SOLIDWORKS.

Setup and define Revision Control for SOLIDWORKS and other files

Administration Learning Webinars

Learn how to Create & Save data to 3DEXPERIENCE from SOLIDWORKS.

How to Lock & Unlock 3DEXPERIENCE files.

Setup and define SOLIDWORKS Templates to connect with 3DX.



Our launch service will help you to manage and take control of your data with the implementation of managed services in 3DEXPERIENCE.

Service is available to purchase by anyone with a 3DEXPERIENCE account.

Task Management to monitor progress so you can ensure your projects are completed.

Approval Routes to automate business processes for review and approvals.

Use Product Explorer to review 3D model and assembly structure.

Data loading advice for your existing SOLIDWORKS files.

Administration Learning Webinars

Visualize changes in product designs and assemblies and Compare results.

Document Management with built-in ENOVIA tools in 3DEXPERIENCE Works.

3D Markup to highlight problems, ask questions, and communicate.

Using Platform Config to setup 3DEXPERIENCE.

Platform User Training
(additional fees may apply)



Take your 3DEXPERIENCE to the next level with Change and Issue Management plus Data Migration services.

The plus service is available to purchase by anyone with a 3DEXPERIENCE account.

Setup Change Management to coordinate a collaborative change process that communicates change decisions and assignments.

Issue Management for you to log, track, notify, and work on resolving issues to manage a project more effectively.

Learn how to use Issue 3D Review to attach issues to models and help reviewers locate components with issues.

Data Migration of legacy data from one or more source environments into your 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Compare our 3DEXPERIENCE Services

See the difference between our four levels of Service

3DEXPERIENCE FunctionOnboardingQuickstartLaunchLaunch Plus
Activate & Access
Adding Users
Share & Markup
Setup Customer Dashboard
Learning Resources (Forums, Experience Website etc., Optimisation Webinars)
Creating Vaults (Spaces)
Create & Save Data
Search & Open
Revision control
Admin Training Webinars
Platform User Training
*additional fees may apply
Naming/numbering Conventions
Attribute Mapping
Non-CAD apps (Product Explorer,
Compare, 3D Markup)
Document Management
Task Management
Approval Routes
Data Loading advice (File Prep/Batch Save) *
Issue Management
Issue 3D Review
Change Management
Data Migration *

* Data migration will be an additional charged service, and will require the use of tools to determine the quality of your existing SOLIDWORKS data.


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