Simulation Software

Analyse and Validate Design Performance

What is Virtual Testing/Simulation?

Virtual testing is conducted through simulation analysis software to validate the performance of prototypes in a representative environment.

Real world physics are applied to CAD models and their environments to replicate a physical scenario. This allows designers to evaluate performance, improve quality, and increase product innovation.

Testing in virtual environments can dramatically reduce costs and decrease lead times by removing the need for physical prototypes prior to manufacture.

We offer software solutions that consider a wide range of properties such as durability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastic injection.

What are the Benefits of Simulation?

  • Reduce costs and save time with fast and accurate solvers.
  • Evaluate performance of designs without manufacturing physical prototypes and reduce wastage.
  • Optimize designs through automated iterative processes.
  • FEA and CFD analysis solutions integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS for seamless validation.
  • Our solutions are scalable, so you can access the tools you require and expand as your growth demands.

Virtual Testing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Software

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