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Selling your business is among the most important decisions you’ll ever make and can seem overwhelming. As a team of founders and operators, we understand that challenge. We aim to be efficient with your time and can quickly determine if a transaction makes sense to pursue or not.

We are looking for technology businesses

TriMech is looking for businesses to help build a complete portfolio of technology solutions to support our clients across the product development lifecycle:

CAD/CAM Businesses

Businesses that provide mid-market CAD, CAM, and related services

Staffing and Consulting Partners

Staff augmentation and contract hire services

Manufacturing Outsourcing

Design, engineering, simulation, prototyping & low-run production service providers

Manufacturing Tech

3D printing hardware and 3D scanners for manufacturing clients

Cloud & SaaS Businesses

Enterprise software (PLM, ERP, MRP, MES) service providers

Who We Are

Why Partner with TriMech

What We Offer

Our core platform and growth pillars can help scale your business:

  • Access to a Large, Diverse Client Base
  • Broad Geographic Footprint
  • Deep Technical Expertise
  • Strong Relationships with OEM Partners
  • Best-in-Class Operational and IT Systems
What We Look For
TriMech Careers

Recent Acquisitions and Partnerships

Learn more about the TriMech companies

SolidSolutions logo

Solid Solutions is the leading provider of Dassault Systèmes software and services throughout the UK and Ireland.

TriMech’s acquisition brought together technical specialists from across four countries and expanded support for design engineers and manufacturers.

Javelin Logo

Javelin is the leading Canadian provider of Dassault Systèmes software, 3D Printers and 3D Scanners.

Combining TriMech and Javelin brought shared technical expertise across every stage of product development, as well as additive manufacturing technologies and services that are unmatched in North America.

Interpro Additive

Based in Deep River, Connecticut, InterPRO provides industrial 3D printing services, urethane and silicone casting, and custom part fabrication and finishing.

Adding InterPRO’s diverse technology and experienced team has enhanced TriMech’s ability to serve clients across the U.S. and Canada.

TriMech Logo White

Why Sell to TriMech?

Selling your company is a life-changing decision which can be overwhelming to many owners. I should know, as I have both bought and sold several businesses over my career.

Along the way, I have learned lessons from those experiences which we apply as we continue working to build TriMech into a leading solution partner to our clients in the design, engineering, and manufacturing industries.

How we apply acquisition lessons

We know each company and each owner is unique, so each deal we pursue takes those differences into consideration. We work hard to understand your goals and priorities as a seller and can be creative to develop a structure and transition plan that focuses on what matters most.

In addition, while we are supported by our institutional equity partners at Sentinel Capital, unlike some private equity buyers, our goal is not to financial engineer an acquired company and “flip” it to another buyer in a few years.

Instead, we look for owners who share our vision and values, and we work collaboratively to design a transaction that makes sense.

This includes being creative to come up with a structure that addresses what’s important to everyone involved. We then work hard to identify where we can help the business reach the next level of success in a range of operational areas including sales, marketing, recruiting, finance, accounting, and technology.

We are looking for companies that can help us expand our offerings or markets, add new capabilities, or strengthen our position in markets we currently serve.

Please reach out if you think your company shares our values, vision, and commitment to strong client relationships and want to discuss potential options.

Interested in Partnering with TriMech?

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