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Review our case study articles and videos to learn how TriMech clients are using SOLIDWORKS software and 3DEXPERIENCE Works to design and manufacture their products.

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Systematix Company Photo

Manufacturing solutions experts at Samuel Automation (Systematix) partner with Javelin to maximize software tools

At Systematix, SOLIDWORKS is more than a design platform. It is the language used to communicate ideas with the team, suppliers and customers.

Dexai Alfred Robot Chef

3DEXPERIENCE helped to develop Alfred the Robot Sous Chef and transform commercial kitchens

Alfred is a robot sous chef, developed by Dexai Robotics. It can go into any kitchen and assist in meal-making, and is especially good at manual, repetitive tasks. Learn how 3DEXPERIENCE helped Dexai to develop Alfred.

Infocus drill bit analyzed with SIMULIA Simulation

Developing Oil and Gas Products faster with SIMULIA Simulation Solutions

InFocus Energy Services acquired the SIMULIA Simulation power and efficiency that it needs to consistently develop innovative, effective downhole products for the oil and gas industry more quickly and affordably.

Bowhead e-bike design

Adaptive e-bike business moves PDM to the cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE

Dassault introduced e-bike design company Bowhead to 3DEXPERIENCE and offered a chance to try the platform and discover its capabilities.

Measurand 3D Render Reel Vertical Installation

Live online SOLIDWORKS training benefits engineering team at Measurand

To ensure that they were using SOLIDWORKS consistently and to its full potential, Measurand turned to TriMech for a professional assessment of their skills and processes and online SOLIDWORKS Training

Manage3 1

SOLIDWORKS Manage, customized by TriMech, helps Phil Mauer & Associates improve processes company wide

Using SOLIDWORKS Manage, Phil Mauer & Associates were able to improve processes so that communication between engineering and the shop floor happens in real-time and is easily traced.


DECKED design team optimizes large assembly work and PDM tools with help from TriMech

When slowdowns started happening at DECKED, they turned to TriMech to help them optimize performance and restore peak productivity.

Damon Motorcycles

Technology experts at Damon Motorcycles are driving improvements in rider safety and comfort

Damon Motorcycles are making rider’s dream come true – a safer, smarter, adjustable bike that easily adapts to changing road conditions.

SOLIDWORKS Online training Nikon microscope for measuring parts

Precision toolmaker completes SOLIDWORKS online training and certification at astronomical pace

A self-taught SOLIDWORKS user improves his skills and earns two certifications with the help of TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS online training courses.

Nautel draftsperson Kyle Oickle.

Nautel uses a combination of SOLIDWORKS products at every stage of production

Global transmitter manufacturer Nautel uses a combination of SOLIDWORKS at every stage of production – from marketing to winning designs.

Baylis Medical SOLIDWORKS Flexible Training Program

Baylis Medical uses TriMech’s flexible SOLIDWORKS Training Day Program

To build skills and knowledge in the full suite of SOLIDWORKS tools, Baylis Medical turns to TriMech; in particular, the flexibility of TriMech’s corporate training program.

Ka'ana Surfing Machine

BC startup Ka’ana Wave uses SOLIDWORKS to help bring surfing machine to market

Ka’ana uses support from SOLIDWORKS to design & build a surfing machine that can be installed in an existing body of water or new custom build.

Data Silos

DELMIAWorks Integrated ERP & MES System Eliminates Data Silos

Learn how DELMIAWORKS integrated ERP software and MES system removed roadblocks to revenue growth, enabling Eldon James to win new business in new markets.

Die Casting Factory with DELMIAWorks ERP & MES

Top Die Casting Drives Quality, Consistency with DELMIAWorks ERP System

Running DELMIAWorks manufacturing ERP system delivered via Hosted Managed Services (HMS) provides Ventura Manufacturing the most economical system architecture for greater scalability and efficiency

Hosted managed services

DELMIAWorks ERP delivered via Hosted Managed Services enables Ventura’s growth

Running DELMIAWORKS manufacturing ERP system delivered via Hosted Managed Services (HMS) provides Ventura Manufacturing the most economical system architecture for greater scalability and efficiency