Data Management Services

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TriMech provides expert services for SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS Manage  and Microsoft SQL, including Installation, Configuration, Data Migration, Admin Support & Training.

Data is one of your most important assets, TriMech is here to help with every aspect of managing it!

TriMech Service

A variety of Data Management Services provided by certified technicians

  • Data Analytics Services to help your team safely migrate your data into SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, SOLIDWORKS Manage and 3DEXPERIENCE.
  • Implementation Services to help ensure your data management system is installed correctly and optimized for your business.
  • Data Migration Services to help you manage, control and migrate your data.
TriMech Data Management Services

Discover TriMech Data Management Services

Installation, Configuration, Data Migration & Admin Support Services

SOLIDWORKS PDM Rapid Deployment System

SOLIDWORKS PDM Rapid Deployment System

SOLIDWORKS PDM Rapid Deployment System includes PDM installation, configuration and training using TriMech’s and SOLIDWORKS best practices data management vault

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SOLIDWORKS Manage Deployment System

Get the best start using SOLIDWORKS Manage, our team will help get you set up with best practices so you can begin taking advantage of better SOLIDWORKS Document Control, BOM Management, ECX Process Control, and Project Management.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service for PDM Standard and Professional

SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service

TriMech’s team of Certified Experts can provide you with a comprehensive SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional.

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Data Migration

Data Migration Services

TriMech’s Data Migration Service is for all customers – whether a new or existing SOLIDWORKS PDM system – adding data to their vaults.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Standard Integration Service How SOLIDWORKS Electrical and PDM

SOLIDWORKS Electrical PDM Integration Service

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical – PDM Integration Service is designed to expand on the value of both products, allowing electrical designers to enjoy the same streamlined data management tools as mechanical designers.

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Datakit Cross CAD data exchange

Datakit Cross CAD

Datakit Cross CAD data exchange software includes standalone converters, plug-ins and Software development kits (SDK) that analyze, heal and export a large number of CAD formats

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“TriMech was an extension of our business and supported us throughout the entire process. Without them, we never would have been able to produce our idea into a product. It’s nice to know there’s a company that we can go to that has the technical knowledge and the support services to help a small business produce product lines that can compete with large global companies.”

David Mullsteff
President, Tactical Deplotment System

“The value TriMech brought to us was a whole different skill-set we didn’t even realize we lacked. Once we realized that, we wanted to learn how to fill the gap and continue to grow our own resources and staff. TriMech continued to be a good partner and teacher in our continuous learning and exploration.”

Tie Dua
Research & Development Manager, Construction Specialist