SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service

Need help upgrading your PDM?

If you are upgrading your SOLIDWORKS PDM system and need to ensure the upgrade goes smoothly and downtime is kept to a minimum then you need our PDM Upgrade Service.

TriMech's team of Certified SOLIDWORKS PDM experts can provide your business with a comprehensive service for upgrading your SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional system from one version to the next.

TriMech Service

SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service

By using the TriMech SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service you can be confident in the knowledge that your critical business system will be upgraded by an experienced Certified SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

TriMech is not just a SOLIDWORKS Supplier, we provide a variety of PDM value added services including implementation and administration.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service for PDM Standard and Professional

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard to Professional System Upgrade


PDM Standard to Professional System Upgrade

Upgrading the SOLIDWORKS PDM System from Standard to Professional involves many details and decisions.

Let TriMech’s Professional Services Team transition your data management environment to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

Service Overview

Performed remotely for flexible scheduling (On/Off Business Hours)

  • Up to 20 hours of configuration and local vault view setup support
  • 2 seats of PDM Professional Administrator training
  • Backup strategies of the current SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard System are verified:
    • SQL Express Database
    • Archive Settings
    • Archive Files
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM server components are installed at the desired software Version and Service Pack:
    • PDM Professional Database Service
    • PDM Professional Archive Service
    • SQL Server Standard 2014
    • PDM Professional Database Files
    • PDM Professional Client on Server
    • PDM Professional Clients (Up to 2 end users)
  • Connection between PDM Clients and PDM Server is confirmed
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional “What’s New” Documentation provided
Optional Services
Customer Pre-requisites/Requirements




Upgrading the SOLIDWORKS PDM System can be headache free with the TriMech Deployment and Upgrade Plan in place.

Service Overview
  • Develop Upgrade and Deployment Plan
  • Performed remotely for flexible scheduling (On/Off Business Hours)
  • We will coordinate the creation of the backup of the current PDM System:
    • SQL Database
    • Archive Settings
    • Archive Files
  • Update the defined PDM Version and Service pack for:
    • PDM Database Service
    • PDM Archive Service
    • PDM Database Files
    • PDM Client on Server
    • PDM Clients (Up to 3 end users)
  • Ensure connection between PDM Clients and PDM Server
  • Provide SOLIDWORKS PDM What’s New Documentation
Optional Services
Customer Pre-requisites/Requirements


Why a SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade is important for your business

Run an Optimal Build

Ensure that you are running an optimal build and any reported issues are resolved with the latest version.

SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM should be on the same version.

Support an upgraded system

If you have new hardware/software, or your system has reached the end of life (i.e. Windows Server 2003) you will need to move the data to the new system. Our technicians can ensure that your downtime is kept to a minimum and your data is transferred successfully.

Be more effective

Take advantage of all the new SOLIDWORKS PDM features included with the latest version. Every new SOLIDWORKS release has hundreds of new features and performance enhancements.