SOLIDWORKS Manage Deployment System

SOLIDWORKS Manage combines the ease of use and familiar Windows® Explorer interface of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with advanced capabilities that allow teams to manage, share and collaborate on project timelines and resources, complex business processes and advanced record and Bill of Materials management.

TriMech Service

SOLIDWORKS Manage Benefits

  • Enhances project management within SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro with SOLIDWORKS manage by providing tools to manage project stages, timelines, resources, and deliverables while offering user task tracking and progress reporting capabilities.
  • Streamlines process management by enabling users to configure states, attach relevant items and files, employ ad hoc approvers and user tasks, and automatically create processes through PDM workflow state changes.
  • Achieve comprehensive item management in SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro by facilitating the creation, editing, and comparison of bills of materials (BOMs) using items and files, along with the automatic generation of items for SOLIDWORKS configurations and drawing bill of materials.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Deployment Systems Services

Explore our two service packages:

  • One for those who need SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro with integrated SOLIDWORKS Manage capabilities (MDS 1), and
  • Another for those interested in integrating SOLIDWORKS Manage into their existing SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro (MDS 2).
Manage Deployment System 1

Manage Deployment System 1

PDM and Manage Installation, configuration, and training using TriMech’s and SOLIDWORKS’ best practices.

This remote deployment is targeted specifically at customers who are looking to install SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro and gain access to the full range of SOLIDWORKS Manage features, including SOLIDWORKS Document Control, BOM Management, ECX Process Control, and Project Management.

ECX Process Control
  • Analyze change requests while released files remain unaffected
  • Dynamically assign approvers to specific change orders.
  • Automatically transition documents in PDM when Process completes
  • Efficiently document approvers and final details of change to released systems
  • Automatically build SOLIDWORKS BOM’s Deployment comes with a Development and Production environment.
  • Track Non-modeled items like Electrical, Packaging, and Commodity items within your assembly BOM’s
  • Import Printed Circuit Assembly Components and add them to your SOLIDWORKS Assemblies
  • Track Effectivity of assembled components in BOM’s
Project Mangement
  • Track task status, resource loading, project deliverables, and risk mitigation
  • Increase clarity by connecting design data to assigned tasks
  • Standardize projects with pre-built templates
PDM Implementation
  • SOLIDWORKS CAD Documents Securely vaulted with full revision control
  • Full SOLIDWORKS Drawing integration
  • Automated Creation of PDF’s for SOLIDWORKS
What's Included
  • Software Installation of Servers and Clients
  • Pre-configured Manage System with New PDM Vault
  • User and Administration Training - 2 people
Manage Deployment System 2
Administering SOLIDWORKS Manage

How does the Deployment Service Work?

  • 1 Introductory Meeting
  • 2 Remote Manage Environment Configuration and Demonstration - Session 1
  • 3 Remote Manage Environment Configuration and Demonstration - Session 2
  • 4 Remote Manage Environment Configuration and Demonstration - Session 3
  • 5 Final Configuration Review/Approval
  • 6 Onsite Deployment
  • 7 Administration and Interface Training for Delivered Manage Environment
  • 8 Go Live Support

Are you interested in a SOLIDWORKS Manage Service?

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