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Stratasys J850 Fabrix Innovation Kit
Latest 3D Printer

FabriX™ Innovation Kit

Extend the capabilities of the Stratasys J850™ Prime with a kit for 3D printing on fabric and flexible substrates.

TriMech Stratasys Solutions

Replacement consumables

Consumables & Replacement Parts

When you purchase a new Stratasys 3D printer from TriMech, our service contracts give you predictable maintenance costs and simplified purchasing cycles for replacement parts, service and consumables/material.

Exclusive pricing for Education

Contact us to learn more about educational pricing and maintenance contracts for educational institutions.

3D printer training GrabCAD

3D Printer Training

Our 3D Printing Experts will show you how to optimize your 3D printer and models more cost effectively to become an Additive Manufacturing expert:

  • Learn how to print your 3D designs with confidence
  • Understand 3D printing technology and material usage
  • Reduce your 3D printing time and costs
Stratasys 3D printer operation

TriMech Stratasys Service

Boost your 3D printing process and support your Stratasys 3D printer with ongoing maintenance to help sustain your business.

  • Award Winning Technical Support: Telephone, web, and email support provided by our Certified Stratasys Technicians. 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET
  • Preventative Maintenance Visit: Preventative maintenance performed by certified Stratasys service representative at factory recommended maintenance intervals. Preventative maintenance procedures may be completed in conjunction with unscheduled or emergency service visits.
  • Priority Service Scheduling: Clients will receive priority scheduling of a certified field service representative after a problem is reported to the TriMech Support Team and the need for an on-site service visit is determined.
  • Parts: Replacement of all defective or worn machine parts.
  • Hardware Updates: Updates / modifications as deemed necessary by Stratasys will be installed when available throughout the maintenance period.
  • Software Updates: Stratasys-developed software maintenance releases provided throughout the maintenance period.

TriMech Advanced Manufacturing

Our advanced manufacturing products and services help engineers to DESIGN, MAKE and FINISH their products