Agriculture Industry

Design to Manufacturing

Solutions for nearly every segment of the agriculture industry – through the design and creation of farm equipment, to building drones that can relay useful information back to the farmer.


TriMech 3DEXPERIENCE Technology enables Agriculture Industry manufacturers to outpace competitors by developing and producing better agriculture machines in a shorter time—and at a lower cost:

  • Speed your machine design by providing specialized tools to automate the development of weldments, sheet metal parts, and electrical routing.
  • Innovate your agriculture machinery and product development process by finding, reusing, and reconfigure existing designs, while collaborating with strategic partners.
  • Manufacture parts and equipment faster with 3DEXPERIENCE CAM tools and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
Agriculture industry

Agriculture Industry Requirements

3DEXPERIENCE solutions allow Agriculture Industry companies to:

Everyone works with the same 3D model

Use the same 3D model for concept development, design automation, simulation, and communication, as well as for prototype development and product manufacturing.

Speed system development

Use modular design, systems prefabrication, as well as design reuseautomation, and configuration concepts.

Advanced Equipment Testing

Analyze components to see if they will function properly; for example, will the components break, fatigue, deflect, or vibrate excessively?

Manage Product Development

Technology that facilitates multi-site manufacturing, supply chain operations and quality compliance.

Agriculture Industry Design & Verification

Robust tools to create large assemblies, welded structures, and electrical systems

The process of farming and crop management requires the development of components and systems that can benefit from utilizing specialized weldment, structure, and large-assembly design tools.

Powerful and intuitive SIMULIA and SOLIDWORKS Simulation software allows agriculture engineers to virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, and improve quality.

Automated design and check rules reduce design and manufacturing errors. Discover 3DEXPERIENCE and SOLIDWORKS technology:

Agriculture Industry Product Lifecycle Management

Manage, document, and communicate design data effectively

Agriculture manufacturers need to innovate and require more collaborative development relationships, data reuse, modular design, and systems prefabrication.

To complete their jobs effectively, engineers must have efficient data management, documentation creation, and design communication tools.

Engineers can also minimize redundant parts and change modifications by leveraging existing parts. Securely reuse product design Intellectual Property (IP) across projects to focus on innovation.

Agriculture Industry Manufacturing

Manage the production of your Agriculture Industry designs with leading machining solutions

After using 3D design tools to develop and validate designs, agriculture industry designers can leverage 3D CAD data to automate manufacturing and production.

CAD data helps engineers automate machining and manufacturing of machine components.

Go further with TriMech Group Solutions

The TriMech Group provides additional technology solutions from training and services to hardware and manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Prove your design before going to production with a 3D printed prototype.

Get to market faster by printing your physical prototypes quickly in-house. You will be able to identify any product deficiencies and make improvements early in the design process when it’s least costly.

Using a 3D Printer for design and engineering allows you to catch flaws before they become costly engineering changes. It also reduces time-to-market and maximizes product performance.

Enterprise Solutions

We partner with businesses to help them develop processes and people and to implement the right choice of systems to realise their vision.

This process is built on discussion and common understanding, we take the time to understand all of your requirements before making recommendations that will enable you to benefit from a return on investment in a scalable, affordable and measurable process.

Primarily we implement solutions from the Dassault Systèmes portfolio of products and solutions, including: CATIADELMIAENOVIASIMULIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.