Using Share and Markup in SOLIDWORKS

In this guide we show how to start using Share and Markup in SOLIDWORKS. Before you begin using these tools your Platform Administrator should enable some options as detailed in our enabling Share and Markup guide.

NOTE: To start using Share and Markup in SOLIDWORKS, you need the latest SOLIDWORKS Service Pack and 3DEXPERIENCE platform update.

The new Share and Markup functionality included with SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services makes it easy to share SOLIDWORKS files between users on the platform and in SOLIDWORKS.

How to use Share and Markup in SOLIDWORKS

To share a file, simply click the Share a file command on the Lifecycle and Collaboration tab on the command manager. If you are looking to use this command regularly, then you can even assign the command to a keyboard shortcut or even use it as a mouse gesture.

Share a file command SOLIDWORKS

Share a file command SOLIDWORKS

When you use the command, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will automatically create a shareable link for the file and upload it to your own personal 3DDrive. This link can be copied and access can be restricted to specific users by email addresses. As you share a file you can decide whether to allow guest comments and add a short message if required. Clicking share will send an email to the recipient and activate the link for access.

Share and markup command options

Share and markup command options


From within the task pane inside SOLIDWORKS you can see easily see which files you have shared, and update who has access to each shared file.Share and markup taskpane

How to view a file that has been shared

When you share a file the recipient will receive an email that includes the comments from the sender and a link to access the file in a 3D viewer. To view the file they will need to log in with a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, this is free to sign up for and does not require any paid licenses or additional software.

Share and markup email

Share and markup email

Files are viewed directly within an internet browser, which makes it straightforward to access the files on any device.

Using the markup tools

The tools to markup a file are simple and intuitive, you can highlight areas with the pencil tool, add annotations with the text tool and save comments and screenshots for designers to review. When comments are added the designer will be notified within SOLIDWORKS and can quickly view the part and the markup information by clicking the notification.

After making the required changes files can be shared again by simply click the Share a file command another time.

Share and markup is a simple but powerful tool to assist you when designing in SOLIDWORKS. If you have any questions about using the new functionality within SOLIDWORKS or the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, then please use the contact options below to get in touch with your local SOLIDWORKS team.