How to Assign Roles and Add Users to 3DEXPERIENCE

Inviting members to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and assigning roles is a straightforward process. As an administrator, you have access to the platform manager role under the compass, which lets you manage your users and assign roles.

Add users to 3DEXPERIENCE platform

One of the apps included with this role is the Members Control center. Here you can see all of the members in your organization’s tenant on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The Members Control Center App

Members Control Center App

We have lots of people on this tenant that you may be following along this tutorial as the first and only member on your organization’s platform. To invite a new user click on Invite Members then type in the new member’s email address and set the appropriate location for them.

This process can be done for multiple users in one go by adding further email addresses or by importing a CSV file in the format specified under the import members tab.

Adding Users to 3DEXPERIENCE

Add Users to 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Setting User Rights

During the invite process you can also set user rights, there are several options available. Setting them to be an administrator allows them access to the platform management tools, member is for users that don’t need those platform management tools and is intended for most employees. Finally external is for those outside your organization, like a contractor.


Setting User Rights

Assigning Roles in 3DEXPERIENCE

After assigning user rights and clicking next, you will be given the option to assign roles to the new user. Roles determine which apps the user will have access to, so it is important to assign them correctly. In our example we have assigned the the 3D swimmer and collaborative industry innovator roles, these are the fundamental collaboration roles on the platform.

Assigning roles in 3DEXPERIENCE

Assigning roles in 3DEXPERIENCE


The battery icons indicate how many instances of each row remain. Hover over them to see how many licenses are used. Some users may belong to more than one 3DEXPERIENCE tenants, and the restricts usage to this platform button prevents this row from being used outside of your organization. On the next page, we can assign additional apps such as SOLIDWORKS if available. Once you have assigned all the required roles and apps click invite to complete the process.

User Email Invitation

The use will receive an invitation email and must log into the platform using their SOLIDWORKS or 3DEXPERIENCE ID or create a new 3DEXPERIENCE side if required. Once the email is sent out, the user will be listed in the members control center where administrators can change their user rights and roles at any time via the information icon next to the new users name.

New User Email 3DEXPERIENCE Invitation

New User Email 3DEXPERIENCE Invitation