TriMech Group Acquires Product Development Specialists MAKO Design + Invent to Expand Design and Engineering Services for Clients

The TriMech Group has acquired MAKO Design + Invent, which provides tailored, end-to-end product design and development services across all physical consumer product categories to clients in the United States and Canada.

RICHMOND, Va., July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The TriMech Group has acquired MAKO Design + Invent, which provides tailored, end-to-end product design and development services across all physical consumer product categories to clients in the United States and Canada.

With this latest acquisition, the TriMech Group continues to deliver on its plan to expand and diversify its service offerings and build the best-in-class solution partner to the global advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing sectors.

Chip Hogge, Chief Strategy Officer for the TriMech Group, and President of TriMech’s Advanced Manufacturing business, said that adding MAKO’s expertise sets the stage for TriMech to offer enhanced, comprehensive product development support for clients of all sizes.

“Over its 20-year history, MAKO’s award-winning team has perfected their product development process, which creates high-caliber products to be sold in North American and international markets. Their expertise will form a solid foundation for a new product development line of business for the TriMech Group.”

Support throughout the product design and development lifecycle

MAKO’s unique platform supports inventors, designers, manufacturers and e-commerce brands through planning, strategy development, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and scaling to production volume, all to efficiently transform a concept into a fully functional, market-ready product.

At the heart of this process is MAKO’s talented team of industrial designers and mechanical and electrical engineers. TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG) provides additional design capabilities and capacity in the key engineering stages of the product development lifecycle. And TriMech’s global teams of advanced simulation specialists can support additional simulation and analysis needs clients have during those stages.

Hogge explained that the TriMech Group is focused on steadily expanding the depth of its expertise in critical service areas to meet evolving client needs.

“Clients in all industry verticals are seeking professional, reliable services and support. We stand out because we offer much more than software and hardware. We can serve as that single technology and business partner who can help clients accelerate their product development lifecycles while improving quality and reducing risk.”

Meeting needs in prototyping and manufacturing

The MAKO team’s experience across the product development lifecycle can also bring new manufacturing connections and projects to the TriMech Group, already well known for its 3D printer sales and services, as well as its expertise in other advanced manufacturing methods, from traditional to emerging.

“Collaboration across production stages will really benefit clients,” Hogge said. “With advanced prototyping and short-run manufacturing capabilities in house, our Advanced Manufacturing Services business in North America and 3DPRINTUK in the UK are perfectly positioned to step in. Access to their knowledge will move client projects efficiently through creating physical models and finished parts.”

Opportunities for MAKO’s team and clients

MAKO’s founder, Kevin Mako, will remain in the business to provide leadership in the TriMech Group’s expanded product development services team.

“My team and I will continue to serve clients the way we always have – with personal, customized service that gets their product to the finish line quickly, efficiently and at a world-class standard,” he said. “At the same time, we are extremely excited to collaborate with one of our favorites in the industry – the TriMech Group. Tapping into their team of design-for-manufacturing experts, prototyping and manufacturing facilities, and advanced software will help us ensure the best solutions for our clients.”

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About the TriMech Group

The TriMech Group of companies is a collection of established brands operating in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and Europe’s Nordic regions. Its global team includes hundreds of engineers who excel in areas including design, collaboration, simulation, analysis, process and workflow optimization, product data management, lifecycle management, manufacturing, and production floor solutions.

As a leading technology and business solutions partner for designers, engineers, and manufacturers, the TriMech Group works with top software and hardware partners, including Dassault Systèmes, SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, Artec, and Zeiss, and its experts provide design and engineering software, advanced manufacturing solutions, and associated training, consulting, implementation, and staffing services for clients across a variety of industries.

The TriMech Group has more than 50 locations serving more than 30,000 clients with over 750 employees. It is part of the portfolio of Sentinel Capital Partners, a U.S. private equity firm.

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About MAKO Design + Invent

MAKO Design + Invent has been setting the standard for best practices in product development for more than 20 years.

Its North American team, located in Austin, Toronto, Miami, and San Francisco, provides world-class product development services tailored to inventors, startups, and manufacturers. Known as an award-winning, one-stop-shop for taking an idea to a physical product, MAKO has in-house industrial designers and mechanical and electrical engineers, and helps with all aspects of product development, from initial market research and patent referral, to manufacturing, distribution, brand launch, and marketing. As owners of “The Product Startup Podcast,” MAKO has surpassed 200,000 followers across their social media channels.

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