Appendix III

Terms Related to Training

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Company provides Training on the products and services it provides. These Training products are delivered through various methods that include, On-line Training, Classroom Training, On-site Training at a Customer location and individual Training called Mentoring. Training in these methods may be offered to the general public (Public Training) or only to specific Customers or individuals (Closed Training).

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Training products supplied by Company:

  1. Training Definitions

    1. Public Training are classes open to various clients.
    2. Closed Training are classes scheduled for an individual client.
    3. Training Passports are prepaid unlimited 12-month Training subscriptions.
  2. Complimentary Repeats

    A complimentary repeat is offered for Public Training should issues be communicated during attendance of the original course. The goal is to resolve any issue in a satisfactory manner. If the training needs to be repeated, the opportunity is available for up to 6 months from the original course date.

  3. Rescheduling

    1. Company allows cancellations and rescheduling without cost as per the guidelines below. Requests to cancel or reschedule must be received in writing.
    2. For Closed Training onsite at client’s location, cancellations received within 10 business days of the start date, an administrative fee of $500.00 per day applies. This includes group training, assessments, mentoring, and consulting.
    3. For Public Training, the following administrative fees will be applied to cancellations or rescheduling less than 10 business days before the start date:
      1. Up to or on 10 business days: no fee for rescheduling or cancellations.
      2. 9 to 3 business days: $250.00 fee per person, per public course applies.
      3. 2 to 0 business days: The course cost will be forfeited. There will be no refunds and no rescheduling.
      4. Non-arrival (no show): The course cost will be forfeited. There will be no refunds and no rescheduling.
    4. Training Passports cancellations and transfers may be done without cost on or before 10 business days prior to the first day of training. After 10 business days the administrative fee of $250.00 applies.
  4. Course Postponements

    Schedules for Public Training schedules are subject to change. Courses may be rescheduled due to low enrollment, or availability of classrooms, equipment, or trainers. Company will provide rescheduling notice at least 5 days prior to the course start date whenever possible and in such a situation you will be offered a 100% credit for transfer to another date. Company will not be liable for any costs incurred for travel, hotel, or any other consequential damages because of a course change.

  5. Scheduling new Public Training

    Company can schedule a new public digital or in-class course in North America. Newly scheduled courses are subject to the minimum attendance requirements (as noted in Sec 4 above)

  6. Training manuals and exercises

    Manuals are not for sale individually and are distributed for training course attendance only, as follows:

    1. Manuals for digital courses: Training manuals are only provided upon course registration and will be shipped 5 to 10 days prior to the course start date. Should a training manual be shipped and the student cancels registration, the manual(s) must be returned unopened. If not returned the full course fee will be charged.
    2. Manuals for classroom courses: Training manuals are provided during the first day of class.
  7. Training Prerequisites

    1. Each training course is paired with prerequisites that are listed in the course descriptions on Company websites. It is the student’s responsibility to meet the prerequisite requirements.
    2. A telephone call assessment with an instructor can be arranged to determine if a prerequisite exemption is applicable.
    3. In the event a student chooses to proceed without the required prerequisites, Company will not alter the course content to accommodate the student’s lack of prerequisites.
  8. Evaluations and certificates

    Upon full attendance of the course with participation to the satisfaction of the instructor, you will be emailed your training feedback evaluation at the end of the course. You will then be emailed a copy of your training certificate of completion.

  9. SOLIDWORKS Training Passport Terms and Conditions

    1. The Training Passport entitles a single owner to attend unlimited instructor-led courses offered within the Passport for the 12-month period that commences on the first course attendance. All course attendance must occur within this time limit.
    2. The first training course attendance must occur within 6 months of the purchase date.
    3. If the Passport holder ceases employment within the 12-month duration, then ownership is transferable to a replacement employee. The expiration date of the Passport will not be extended; it will still expire one year from the original start date. Please contact Company’s Training Department to make this exchange.