Appendix IV

Terms Related to Advanced Manufacturing Services

Revision: 2024 V1 Date:

The following Terms will apply to Advanced Manufacturing Services:
  1. Minimum $150 purchase required for prototyping order.
  2. All “rush” jobs will be subject to a 50% deposit & rush fee where applicable.
  3. Unit prices contained in a quote are for printing services only and do not include ancillary services unless otherwise indicated within “DETAILS” of each line item in the quote.
  4. All part revisions following the initial quote will require re-quoting.
  5. All quality & inspection requirements must be presented at the time of quoting.
  6. Unless otherwise specified in an Order, Company’s manufacturing services will commence on acceptance of an Order. Customer acknowledges and agrees that any changes to the Specifications (including but not limited to dimensions, tolerances, materials, coatings, or markings) after acceptance of an Order may result in additional charges payable by Customer and extended delivery times.
  7. Part revisions, data changes, or color changes made following Order submission are subject to reprinting fee depending on order status.
  8. The estimated arrival time is based on available capacity at the time of quote. Quoted turnaround time is based on business days. Orders start day after receipt of Order.
  9. Quotes that are not executed the same day are subject to change or delays. Reasonable efforts will be made to deliver within or as close to the estimate as possible, however there is no assurance that any estimated delivery date will be met.
  10. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the properties and performance of the material selected meet the requirements of their application.
  11. Order cancellations are subject to cancellation fee depending on order status.
  12. No control drawings have been considered in quotes unless otherwise indicated.