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What is SOLIDWORKS for Startups?

TriMech supports Startups and Entrepreneurs with free SOLIDWORKS software to help conceive, design, test, manufacture, and launch amazing products.

SOLIDWORKS for Startups provides eligible businesses with access to industry-leading 3D CAD software as well as robust data management tools and a comprehensive PLM system for free for a year.

Eliminate physical prototyping costs by validating designs with FEA and CFD simulation, and demonstrate realistic virtual twins through intuitive visualization, marketing, and collaboration tools.

SOLIDWORKS for Startups Eligibility Requirements

The SOLIDWORKS for Startups Program is open to Startups who are new SOLIDWORKS customers and meet the following acceptance criteria:

Up to $1M Revenue

To apply for the SOLIDWORKS for Startups program, your business must have less than 1 million dollars in revenue and funding.

Businesses Under 5 Years Old

As long as you've been in business for less than 5 years, you could be eligible for the SOLIDWORKS for Startups program.

Developing Physical Products

Only businesses committed to developing physical products will be accepted onto the SOLIDWORKS for Startups program.

How to Apply for the Startups Program

Double-check your business meets the eligibility criteria above and browse the products and services offered in the SOLIDWORKS for Startups program below.

When you are ready to get started, press apply now and fill in the SOLIDWORKS for Startups Application form.

Additional Benefits

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Who uses SOLIDWORKS for Startups?

Discover businesses who achieved success through the SOLIDWORKS for Startups program.

medical industry
Xpan Inc.

Xpan’s surgical device offers unparalleled safety for minimally invasive procedures.

It’s a compact, expandable tool that starts at a 3mm diameter, and widens to 12 mm, adapting to surgical needs.

This innovation leads to fewer complications, smaller wounds, quicker recovery, and enhanced operational efficiency, embodying flexibility and cost-effectiveness for healthcare providers.

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dexai robotics startup e1714575881991
Dexai Robotics

Dexai’s mission is to protect the food service industry from difficult labor shortages and to help insulate it from economic ups and downs.

Discover how Dexai utilised the SOLIDWORKS for Startups program to help redefine sous-chefs and design automated solutions to everyday tasks. 

"There’s a big human component that I really appreciate about TriMech. It’s very easy to get on the phone with them or email them and get an answer."

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Ampere EV Atom Drive System
Ampere EV

Ampere EV is the leading developer of complete electric drivetrains designed for the conversion of internal combustion vehicles.

Ampere's turnkey Atom Drive System was developed by world-class engineers, it’s built in-house, pre-configured, and ready to install.

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Bang n You
Bang'n You

Bang'n You is a cheekily-named bakery specializing in artisanally crafted & small batch culturally Chinese & Southeast Asian treats.

Started out of quarantine boredom during the 2020 pandemic, bang'n you delivers new interpretations of traditional desserts & sweets, including mooncakes, mochi, and Taiwanese pineapple tarts, and always with 人情味 - a personal touch.

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X COR SW startup alumni scaled
X-Cor Therapeutics

X-COR Therapeutics is developing a revolutionary respiratory dialysis technology to directly remove carbon dioxide from the bloodstream of patients with respiratory failure.

Their technology offers high CO2 removal rates at ultra-low blood-flows, reducing complexity and improving patient care.

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MVP Robotics 19 1920w
MVP Robotics

MVP Robotics are on a mission to improve safety and human performance through applied robotics in grueling environments.

From the sports field to the battlefield, they are intent on designing and building the "most sought after and widely used robots in the world based on superior quality, durability, realism and customer confidence."

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Tutor Intelligence e1714557605615
Tutor Intelligence

Tutor Intelligence are a company rooted in the realities of industry, with a team operating at the leading edge of AI research.

Their goal is to be your greatest ally and collaborator in bringing your operations into the artificial intelligence era.

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FLEX System v1
Shift Thermal

Shift Thermal is cutting HVAC costs and decarbonizing heating and cooling for commercial and industrial-scale building owners.

Their FLEX™ technology provides plug-and-play technology to enhance existing HVAC and process cooling systems.

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SOLIDWORKS for Startups FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Startups Program.