SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Validation Service

Need to validate your design?

Do you need help to predict the performance of your design under real-world operating conditions?  Are you able to detect design problems and correct them before incurring the cost of prototyping, tooling, and production?

TriMech Simulation/Analysis experts can help you solve your tough design problems using SOLIDWORKS FEA and CFD software.

Process Solution

We TEST Your Design

  • The TriMech Simulation Service Team has been providing analysis services for North American engineering and manufacturing companies for years.
  • Our capabilities are multidisciplinary with experience in structures, fluids, rigid body mechanics, composite materials, control systems, and others.
  • We also have access to a complete prototype shop and rapid prototyping capability.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Validation Service

Simulation Service Overview

TriMech operates within a collaborative framework encompassing multiple investigators and practitioners with a wide variety of expertise. TriMech is a SOLIDWORKS certified advanced analysis provider and our team are certified analysis trainers, flow simulation advanced professionals, and certified simulation advanced professionals.

Simulation Service Examples

See the types of analysis we can carry out for you