SOLIDWORKS Education Edition

3D software designed for Researchers

What is SOLIDWORKS Education Edition software?

With the SOLIDWORKS Education Edition, students and instructors can focus on what’s really important—fostering new ideas, solving problems, teamwork, and innovation.  This sweeping CAD and engineering development teaching tool features 3D software plus a broad curriculum of exercises and interactive courseware.

Industry standard tools

In today’s competitive job market, CAD professionals don’t just design—they simulate, innovate, visualize, and communicate—to advance new ideas and their careers.

The SOLIDWORKS® Education Edition provides powerful, engaging, hands-on software to understand and develop designs for the real world. The integrated 3D software, curriculum, and lessons make design development easy to learn, easy to teach, and exciting to use.

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A complete CAD teaching tool, with software and lessons

Student working

Educators play a vital role in developing the next generation of engineering and design innovators, and SOLIDWORKS wants to provide all the help they can. With the SOLIDWORKS Education Edition you get a complete CAD teaching tool, with software and lessons.

The SOLIDWORKS Education Edition Fundamentals of 3D Design and Simulation guide gives students a basic understanding of the engineering design process. Materials are available in a range of languages (depending on the lesson). Also included are hundreds of brief, online tutorials in SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Motion, and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Example Curriculum
  • Fundamentals of 3D Design and Simulation
  • Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Electrical
  • Learning CAD and Simulation Courseware
  • Engineering Drawing Tutorials for Visualization
  • CAD Tutorials for SAE
  • CAD Tutorials for Vocational Schools
Curriculum Workflows
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Technical/ Vocational
  • College/ University

Student Access beyond the Classroom

Learn anytime, anywhere with SOLIDWORKS Education Edition



Students want to access 3D design tools outside the classroom, day or night. Students work with other departments or collaborate on projects in other cities or countries. Computer labs are over crowded and access needs to be flexible. Educators also need to offer classes online.

The Student Access Initiative

The SOLIDWORKS Student Access Initiative connects students to SOLIDWORKS software outside the classroom or laboratory anytime from anywhere. With innovative licensing for SOLIDWORKS Education Edition, students can log on from anywhere on campus, from home, even away from home.

Schools that participate in the Student Access Initiative give students the ability to work on assignments remotely or off-hours, which increases student usage, facilitates distance learning, and enables off-site collaboration and independent study.

Student Access licenses are FREE

Any qualifying institution can provide licenses to students for off-campus use, freeing up lab resources and allowing students to work from anywhere.

Student Access Benefits

Student Access licenses can be used to support independent study courses, distance learning programs, and articulation agreements. Some do not even require connecting to the school server:

  • Instructors: Instructors can assign homework, prepare remotely, use licenses for distance learning or independent study students, prepare for their own certification exams, and practice SOLIDWORKS skills during school breaks.
  • Students: Students can work from anywhere, complete assignments during off-hours, use licenses for independent study or distance learning courses, articulate with college programs, prepare for certification exams, build personal portfolios, and participate in student competitions.

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition Benefits

Easy to use software which will adapt to your educational needs

Full use with no restrictions

Enjoy full use without restriction in your educational facility

Educational watermarks

Educational watermarks are inserted that ensure the software is used for educational purposes only

Same tools as commercial products

The Education Edition uses the same tools as the commercial version of SOLIDWORKS enabling student to experience the software they will use in the workplace.

Reduced pricing

Special pricing means substantial savings over commercial rates, preserving more of your education budget.

Looking for a Cloud Alternative?

3DEXPERIENCE Works provides a Safe, Social, Connected, Informed and Structured alternative to SOLIDWORKS Education Edition for team leaders, project managers and other professionals who want to manage data on the cloud and collaborate without constraints.

Safe: Customer controlled access. Transparent cloud backup. Encrypted communication protocols. Data always safe-no overwrite, no loss of data.

Social: Integrated structured and unstructured collaboration tools enabling social innovation. Collaborate on product design or engage with your stakeholders early in product development.

Connected: Every user always connected to a single, common database. Access data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Review and markup models.

Informed: Choose from the widget library, Create and share Dashboards. Get the latest information about your product development. Always have access to your latest data.

Structured: Zero overhead data management - store and manage data across collaborative spaces, share information in communities. Find indexed data faster by using tags, custom search, etc.