SOLIDWORKS Licensing 101

In today’s “SAAS” (Software as a Service) collaborative world, there are more ways than ever to own or rent SOLIDWORKS. With the announcement at the beginning of 2023 that Cloud Services – the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform – would be included with every new purchase of desktop SOLIDWORKS, there are more considerations than ever to address when deciding which license is right for you:

In this SOLIDWORKS Licensing 101 on-demand webinar

Watch as TriMech Application Engineer, Ben Colley, covers the SOLIDWORKS licensing landscape as it stands today, and tackles some of the common questions related to the topic and, hopefully, make your process of choosing the right SOLIDWORKS package a lot easier.

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • SOLIDWORKS License Types: Perpetual, term, standalone, network, named-user, SOLIDWORKS Cloud… what’s the difference?
  • What changed with SOLIDWORKS this year?
  • What does “Cloud Services” mean?
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By Ben Colley

Ben Colley joined TriMech in 2021 after receiving his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University, and an AAS in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design from Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College. Before attending Tennessee Tech, Ben worked for five years as a SOLIDWORKS modeler in new product development and mold design for a cast iron foundry in southeast Kentucky.

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