Introduction to ERP with DELMIAWorks

Enterprise Resource Planning “ERP” is a process to help manufacturing companies manage and integrate the core components of their business. There are many options on the market right now, so which is the right choice for you? DELMIAWorks is the only tool built with manufacturers in mind.

About this on-demand ERP webinar

TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Stephen Petrock, shows how you can improve your business and how to set up the configurations. He explains why DELMIAWorks is the best choice to bring you real-time visibility to historically disconnected systems in all areas of your business including manufacturing, sales, marketing, quality and shipping.  In this webinar, Stephen covers:

  • How Enterprise Resource Planning can be used to improve your business
  • All about DELMIAWorks and the all in one system
  • How to configure the system to your business
  • Why you need Enterprise Resource Planning to improve your business
  • Why you should choose DELMIAWorks
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DELMIAWorks Software

A reliable ERP system for planning, scheduling, executing, and measuring results. DELMIAWorks provides Forecasting, MRP, Production Scheduling, Quality and RealTime™ Production Monitoring modules.

By SolidSolutions Marketing

Founded in 1998, Solid Solutions have amassed over 20 years of experience in delivering best-in-class services and solutions. Having become the leading provider of SOLIDWORKS throughout the UK and Ireland, Solid Solutions have grown through several strategic partnerships and acquisitions, forming the Solid Solutions Group. In June 2022, TriMech acquired the Solid Solutions Group, bringing together hundreds of talented people across four countries, and expanding our support for the advanced design, engineering and manufacturing sectors throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

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