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Digital Twin

Using the Digital Twin to Collaborate on Plant Layout and Factory Optimization

Manufacturers today are challenged by tighter product development cycles, increasing competition, and a hybrid workforce that needs to collaborate. Join us as TriMech Product Manager,…

Systematix Company Photo

Manufacturing solutions experts at Samuel Automation (Systematix) partner with Javelin to maximize software tools

At Systematix, SOLIDWORKS is more than a design platform. It is the language used to communicate ideas with the team, suppliers and customers.

Overall equipment effectiveness

How to Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is gaining popularity as the best resource to view data at the machine, assembly line and plant level so manufacturers can check for opportunities to create higher quality products at a lower cost.

IIoT industrial internet of things

A Practical Approach to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Manufacturers face a multitude of variables when it comes to data management and the path to implementing IIoT can be confusing.

DELMIAWorks Sales configuration

DELMIAWorks ERP/MES Sales Configuration Tools Overview

The DELMIAWorks Sales Configuration tools allow the automation of the quote to sales order and generation of the work order, without continuously pushing them to the design and engineering teams

Dexai Alfred Robot Chef

3DEXPERIENCE helped to develop Alfred the Robot Sous Chef and transform commercial kitchens

Alfred is a robot sous chef, developed by Dexai Robotics. It can go into any kitchen and assist in meal-making, and is especially good at manual, repetitive tasks. Learn how 3DEXPERIENCE helped Dexai to develop Alfred.

Infocus drill bit analyzed with SIMULIA Simulation

Developing Oil and Gas Products faster with SIMULIA Simulation Solutions

InFocus Energy Services acquired the SIMULIA Simulation power and efficiency that it needs to consistently develop innovative, effective downhole products for the oil and gas industry more quickly and affordably.

Plant Floor Operations bottle conveyor

Jabil Packaging Solutions leveraging DELMIAWorks to stay on top of Plant Floor Operations

Learn how Jabil Packaging Solutions Integrated SAP with DELMIAWORKS manufacturing enterprise system (MES) to stay on top of Plant Floor Operations.

Metal fabrication

EM Dynamics are winning Metal Fabrication business with SOLIDWORKS

With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro photo-realistic rendering software EM Dynamics communicates their metal fabrication design concepts

Shred-Tech Shredder

Improving shredding & recycling systems development with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics

By adding SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics software, Shred-Tech improved efficiency and accuracy of electrical system designs for recycling equipment.

MacLean mining industry machine

MacLean experience faster turn around for their Mining Equipment with SOLIDWORKS

After implementing SOLIDWORKS their mining industry product designs are 100% complete in 50% less time resulting in faster product turn around.

Rock Breakers construction industry

Breaker Technology uses SOLIDWORKS to help manufacture Rock Breakers

Breaker Technology use SOLIDWORKS CAD and Simulation to help them manufacture and distribute a wide range of mine, quarry and demolition equipment for the construction industry.

DV Systems Compressor Industrial Products

SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps DV Systems reduce material costs of their industrial products

SOLIDWORKS Simulation material utilization helps Barrie ON. industrial products company DV Systems reduce their material cost by 20% and also reduced their machining time by 15%.

Satlantic Aquatic Sensor

Canadian Aquatic sensor and instrument development with SOLIDWORKS

Satlantic case study featuring Canadian Aquatic sensor and instrument development with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and Simulation software

Material Handling

Improving Canadian material handling equipment development with SOLIDWORKS software

Mitchell Mill Systems Canada Ltd. use SOLIDWORKS to design and manufacture material handling equipment used for grain, feed, and fertilizer.