TriMech Power Suite for SOLIDWORKS PDM

Improve functionality within SOLIDWORKS PDM

The TriMech Power Suite’s feature set enhances SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional’s core features.

Features consist of enhancements to productivity, communication, metadata management, license optimization and SOLIDWORKS reference management.

TriMech Power Suite for SOLIDWORKS PDM software

TriMech’s programming staff has created to make PDM easier to use. Our programs, add-ins, macros and customer-requested tools, help SOLIDWORKS PDM do certain things it can’t necessarily do by itself.

  • TriMech Power Suite Standard
    • Auto Logoff
    • Rename
    • ECx Tool
    • PDM Property
    • SOLIDWORKS Property
    • Reference Repair
    • SOLIDWORKS Update
    • Sync Tool
  • TriMech Power Suite Professional
    • Enterprise Metadata Utility (EMU)
TriMech Power Suite for SOLIDWORKS PDM

TriMech Power Suite for SOLIDWORKS PDM


TriMech Power Suite Product Matrix

Auto Logoff 
Rename Tool
ECx Tool
PDM Property Tool
SOLIDWORKS Property Tool
Reference Tool
Sync Tool
Enterprise Metadata Utility (EMU)

Feature rich, production enhancing and automation for PDM Professional. Power Suite Standard comes with eight unique features to enable you to be more productive with PDM Professional.


Power Suite Professional comes with everything that Power Suite Standard has, plus our flagship feature, the Enterprise Metadata Utility. This feature enables many high-level business system connectivity capabilities along with many other automation features.

Administering SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard

TriMech Power Suite for SOLIDWORKS PDM

Learn more about the Power Suite features

Auto Log Off
TriMech Power Suite Standard

Auto Log Off

The Auto Log Off feature allows the PDM Administrator to monitor specific disk level and system level activities to ensure the end users are actively interacting with PDM Professional.

Items monitored:

  • Items Changed
  • Items Created
  • Items Deleted
  • Items Renamed
  • System Suspend
  • Windows Log off

The unique capability to this feature is we actively monitor these above activities on a specified path. This specified path and the time out can be unique per workstation.

PDM Rename
PDM Property
Enterprise Metadata Utility (EMU)

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