PolyJet Desktop Machine

Designed to introduce students to the hardware functionality and Objet Studio software methods available with the Desktop 3D printer and how to leverage the Objet24, Objet30, Objet30 Pro or Objet30 Prime printer.
Cost Per Seat: $3,000

What You Will Learn

  • Objet24, Objet30, Objet30 Pro & Objet Prime Topics
  • System Overview
  • Component
  • Overview
  • When to Calibrate
  • System Operation
  • Printer Wizards
  • User Interface Navigation
  • Load/Unload Material
  • Knowledge of Materials & Applications
  • Operator Maintenance
  • Techniques for Finishing Models
  • WaterJet Operation
  • Objet Studio Topics
  • Use of Objet Studio Software
  • Host PC and Embedded PC
  • Part and Assembly Set Up
  • Print Orientation
  • Material Selection
  • Gloss and Matte Selections
  • Job Manager
  • Scheduled Start