PDM Training

PDM Training

Jumpstart Your Project with Engineering Software Training

TriMech has multiple SOLIDWORKS Authorized Training Centers located throughout the eastern United States. Although many of our users are able to learn the intuitive SOLIDWORKS software on their own, we recommend taking a class in order to shorten the learning curve as well as to pick up the tips and tricks that our certified instructors have developed throughout the years. TriMech understands the importance of hiring instructors who not only have a broad knowledge of SOLIDWORKS software, but who also have practical real-life experience in doing engineering design.

Essentials SOLIDWORKS classes are scheduled regularly and Advanced classes are also taught periodically throughout the region. In addition to SOLIDWORKS and the classes covering advanced SOLIDWORKS functionality, TriMech offers classes in Advanced Programming through the SOLIDWORKS API, SOLIDWORKS Simulation and classes that focus on our manufacturing software. All classes are very hands on so the student gets to interact with the software, as opposed to only watching or hearing an instructor go through examples.

All SOLIDWORKS classes come with standard training materials that come directly from the team at SOLIDWORKS. TriMech has also developed supplemental materials, offering tips and tricks including a lesson in Top-Down Assembly methods that is not typically taught during an Essentials Class. Students are also encouraged to bring in their own real life examples, so that the instructors can work with them one-on-one to address specific questions during breaks or after class.

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Please note that registration closes 2 weeks before class date.