3D Printer Training

3D Printer Training

J750 Machine Training

Length: 2 Days
Prerequisite: N/A

In this 2-day class, we’ll train machine operators on both the Studio software program as well as using Stratasys Connex hardware. The J750 Machine Training is specific to the Connex line of hardware.

  • Navigating the machine user interface
  • Locations of key PolyJet modeler components
  • Explanation of key PolyJet modeler maintenance tools
  • Polyjet modeler power on/off procedures
  • Printer head maintenance procedures
  • How and when to calibrate the Polyjet modeler
  • How and when to replace consumable PolyJet modeler components
  • How to position and start queued builds
  • Post-processing finished parts
  • Controller software upgrade procedures

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