SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

Gain access to SOLIDWORKS software with a lower upfront cost

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is a new licensing option that lowers the upfront cost of SOLIDWORKS software and allows for more flexible deployment options for start-ups, makers, consultants, contractors and businesses of any size.

Term Licensing is essentially renting a SOLIDWORKS License for a three month or 1 year term rather than purchasing a perpetual license which you own.

What is SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing?

Term Licensing is for individuals and companies that want access to SOLIDWORKS best-in-class design solutions with lower upfront costs compared to traditional perpetual licensing.

With a term license you can use SOLIDWORKS products with a quarterly subscription. A term license gives SOLIDWORKS users access to a variety of SOLIDWORKS applications with the same full version as a perpetual license — but with a flexible and affordable approach that’s easy on a software budget and easy to manage.


SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses are ideal for companies that need to maximize their cash flow, this could include the following:

  • Licenses are required for short term projects or for the specific phase of a project where specific software such as simulation is needed to validate a design.
  • Licenses are to meet staffing requirements such as contract staff or intern that require SOLIDWORKS for a short time period.
  • new division or project has been initiated and cash-flow is a concern.
  • start-up/new business requires SOLIDWORKS software at the minimum cost to get started.
Term vs Perpetual SOLIDWORKS License
Term vs Perpetual SOLIDWORKS License

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing Options

Choose between a 3 Month or 1 Year term for renting a SOLIDWORKS Software License.

*Includes SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service


SOLIDWORKS Applications available for a Term:
Mix & Match SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses with Perpetual Licenses

A Term License offers more flexibility allowing you to mix and match SOLIDWORKS Add-in products with your existing SOLIDWORKS perpetual (full) license. For instance you could add SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation for a 3 month term to your existing SOLIDWORKS Premium perpetual license.

Benefits of a SOLIDWORKS Term License

Renting SOLIDWORKS software can provide your company with many benefits:
Business Startup Assistant

Lower Upfront Cost

Start-ups, makers, individuals and small business often have cash flow constraints.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing allows companies to design new products with the world’s most widely used CAD software without the traditionally higher upfront costs of perpetual licenses.

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From year-to-year, your software budgets can change drastically.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing can increase budget flexibility as you can spread the cost of your CAD software over multiple years and calculate exactly how much you will pay.

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Flexibility & Scalability

Companies have fluctuating workforces with turnover and temporary employees or interns. Having the right tools for everybody can be challenging.

With SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing, companies can purchase explicit numbers of seats based on their needs. They can also choose term lengths that match their product or project schedules.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

"The time we save using SOLIDWORKS and doing our own 3D printing helps us validate designs quickly to meet demanding project deadlines"

Ron Ryan, Fabrication Group Manager

"SOLIDWORKS has definitely brought something different to the Solar Industry. Our U.S. counterparts use 2D, but they will be switching to 3D soon"

Chris White, Design & Technical Manager
Sunrise Power

"I’ve been a believer in SOLIDWORKS PDM since day one because it’s been effective since day one"

Ray Minato, President
Inertia Engineering + Design