TriMech Tips & Tricks: SOLIDWORKS Sweeps and Threads

In this webinar, we explore the difference between the SOLIDWORKS Sweep and Thread features.

When it comes to 3D modeling and engineering design, precision and versatility are paramount. In the world of SOLIDWORKS, two powerful features stand out: SOLIDWORKS Sweep and SOLIDWORKS Thread.

These tools allow designers to create intricate shapes, simulate realistic threads, and enhance the visual fidelity of their models. In this webinar, we’ll explore the mechanics behind sweeps and threads, their applications, and how they elevate the design process.

Join us as Rachel Jackson, a TriMech Solutions Consultant, explores the differences between various thread and sweep features located in SOLIDWORKS. We discuss how sweep commands can aid in the creation of customized threads. In addition, we will walk through all you need to know about how to create your desired part using all of the sweep features and thread commands accessible to you.

During this SOLIDWORKS Sweeps and Threads On-Demand Webinar, you will learn:

  • Different types of threads
  • Using Thread commands
  • How sweeps and threads are connected
  • Overview/comparison of thread creation