SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service


SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service

The latest software releases and expert technical support for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service

To enhance your current and future opportunities, it’s paramount to maintain an up-to-date design and development environment that helps keep you competitive and improve your operational efficiency.

The TriMech SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program offers a smart, flexible way to protect your investment in the 3D design experience.

Service Benefits

  • SOLIDWORKS is the world’s most widely-adopted 3D CAD software, creating an enormous, vibrant community for networking, business development, learning, and inspiration.
  • To enhance your investment in SOLIDWORKS software, you get comprehensive support from TriMech to coach you through any challenge.
  • Get software updates and new releases to ensure you always have access to the best features and enhancements to give you a competitive advantage.

Subscription Service Benefits

Why Subscribe with TriMech

SolidProfessor Tutorial


Video Tutorials with SolidProfessor

New for TriMech Subscription Service Clients is the addition of SolidProfessor. An online, video-based training resource designed for engineers. SolidProfessor includes a SOLIDWORKS add-in, which provides quick, on-demand access to over 15,000 searchable tutorials, broken into 3–7-minute videos.

TriMech Technical Support


Certified Technicians

Getting the best support with a service provider who you can partner with is just as important as the 3D design software you choose for your business. You will have access to a certified SOLIDWORKS staff with real industry experience helping clients in a variety of industries including agriculture, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, defense, industrial machinery, and healthcare.

TriMech Employees


Expanded Support & Service

In recent years, TriMech has grown to have more than 50 locations across four countries – the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Our 650 exceptional employees, including hundreds of application engineers, work in nine time zones and serve more than 30,000 clients. Subscription clients have access to even more experts who can optimize the ways you use technology and support every facet of your business.

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Features

Support, upgrades, new versions, special releases, add-on features, webcasts—all designed exclusively for SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service program members. You can improve your performance and productivity with an intuitive 3D design experience for a competitive advantage. * Services and benefits are only available during the SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service term.

  • STAY PRODUCTIVE: With Subscription Service, you have access to extensive support from TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS experts to enhance your investment in SOLIDWORKS software and guide you through development challenges.
  • STAY KNOWLEDGEABLE: You get full access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, an expansive, easily searchable web-based library of technical articles, help topics, tech tips, best practices, solutions, and macros, all written, reviewed, and frequently updated by SOLIDWORKS experts. A few minutes of self-directed learning can help improve your productivity.
  • STAY CURRENT: Subscription Service program members get free access to testing and certification for Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) and Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) credentials.

Gain full access to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal, an easy-to-search repository of in-depth information and resources, with support in multiple languages, to help improve productivity.

  • Service Requests (SRs) and Software Performance Reports (SPRs): Submit incident reports of software issues to Technical Support or the development team. View status with tracking numbers and monitor issue resolution in documented service packs.
  • Customer Experience Programs: Share your opinions and preview SOLIDWORKS beta versions and upcoming SOLIDWORKS Early Visibility (EV) Service Packs.
  • Enhancement Requests: Influence the development of SOLIDWORKS and provide your feedback on what we can do to improve our software. Ninety percent of new enhancements come from client suggestions.
  • Online Technical Support: Access live technical support from TriMech to get your questions answered

MySolidWorks makes you more productive by connecting you with relevant SOLIDWORKS community, content and services all in one online location — anytime, anywhere and on any device. MySolidWorks Standard and Professional is available for Subscription Services users only.

  • Knowledge Base: Access the powerful search engine that explores an extensive library of technical data, such as solutions, help topics, tech tips, and best practices. Access our resource library, from webcasts and tech tips to administrative guides and technical presentations.
  • Discussion Forums: Connect with the SOLIDWORKS Community of users in a broad range of discussion topics on virtually all facets of SOLIDWORKS.
  • CAD Models: Discover 3D models and connect with the world’s best designers and exchange high-quality free 3D models.
  • SOLIDWORKS Trials Try SOLIDWORKS CAD Premium live online
  • Training Content: Convenient, unlimited 24/7 access to classroom, online training, and certification resources
  • My Reseller: Quick response for questions and needs with real-world experience from your reseller

SolidProfessor is the largest online training platform for design engineers. With more than 15,000 video tutorials covering SOLIDWORKS, PDM, GD&T, certification prep, and more, your engineering team can improve their skills to achieve higher rates of accuracy, productivity, and innovation for your business. Plus, our on-demand, online courses give you more flexibility to train anytime, anywhere, and in a matter of minutes

  • ON-DEMAND TRAINING PLATFORM: 15,000+ video tutorials for SOLIDWORKS, PDM, Autodesk products, and more to train anytime, anywhere
  • COURSES: You have access to tutorials on all the major software; including SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, AutoCAD, and more. Become an expert in design processes like PDM, GD&T, and FEA.
  • SOLIDWORKS TASK PANE ADD-IN: Pull up a SolidProfessor video tutorial when you can’t find what you’re looking for in the SOLIDWORKS toolbar or a component stumps you.
  • CUSTOM TRAINING PROGRAMS: Create a culture of learning with customizable training programs within the platform.
  • SOLIDWORKS SKILLS ANALYZER: Get a baseline assessment of your team’s SOLIDWORKS knowledge. Each user will receive custom course recommendations based on questions they’ve answered incorrectly.
  • REPORTING TOOL: With SolidProfessor’s admin dashboard and reporting tools you can assign courses, get new hires up to speed, and see how your team is progressing.
  • CERTIFICATION PREP: While you may have many SOLIDWORKS masters at your organization, you can speak the same language when everyone is certified. Prepare for a variety of exams including Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP), and Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE).

SolidProfessor has over 15K online lessons covering CAD, CAM, Simulation and Engineering theory with topics such as GD&T and Finite Element Analysis. SolidProfessor puts an expansive library of learning resources at your engineering teams’ fingertips.

Unique to the TriMech Elite SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service is access to a SolidProfessor “site license” which includes logins for up to 3x the number of Elite SOLIDWORKS Subscription users you have. This is a great option for teams in a multi-CAD environment, or an engineering team larger than your SOLIDWORKS user base, all of whom would benefit from access to on-demand training.

For every SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium license on active subscription, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the fastest and easiest way to create photo-quality images for anyone who needs to take “photos” of their 3D data. This standalone Visualize seat can be given to anyone in your company and does not require SOLIDWORKS CAD to be installed on the same machine. This means that 3D modeling and 3D visualization can happen in parallel.

  • Create lifelike photo-quality images
  • A mood board of different colors and finishes
  • High-resolution images ready for print and the web
  • Technical illustrations of key features
  • Physically-Based Raytracing and Hybrid Render Mode
  • CAD and Graphic File Support
  • Surface/Part Splitter and Interactive Depth of Field
Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

For every SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium license on active subscription, SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is included. SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is the fastest and easiest way to create 2.5 axis toolpaths on part files. (Milling, Waterjet, Plasma, Laser and Router) SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard leverages a rules database to streamline your programming process and capture your Model-Based Definition (MBD) tolerances to standardize your workflows.

  • Tolerance Based Machining: Model Based Definition (MBD) is leveraged to ensure machining strategies are automatically adjusted based on tolerance specifications.
  • 2.5 Axis Milling: Machine prismatic features with 2.5 axis milling capabilities. SOLIDWORKS CAM includes Automatic Roughing, Rough Milling, Finish (Contour) Milling, Face Milling, Thread Milling, Center Drilling, Drilling, Countersinking, Reaming, Tapping, and Engraving.
  • 3 Axis Milling: SOLIDWORKS CAM includes 3 axis milling routines to machine complex, contoured surfaces routinely encountered in mold/tool making and aerospace applications.
  • Machining Strategies: Assigning machining strategies based on features that are recognized. Updating machining strategies if a design’s tolerance changes.
  • Rules-based Machining: Enables designers and engineers to catch design errors and new part setups through Automatic Feature Recognition. Quote components quickly using company standards captured as rules.
Learn more about SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard

The SOLIDWORKS Certification exams validate user proficiency and help managers highlight areas for training. Build your team’s skills and professional development to advance their careers and improve productivity. Subscription Service clients can take up to two core exams and two advanced exams per year for every seat of SOLIDWORKS for free to help sharpen their engineering team’s skills in SOLIDWORKS.

  • Receive one free core Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) or Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP), one Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced (CSWPA) certification and one free specialty exam voucher for every seat of SOLIDWORKS on subscription
  • Certification Preparation Courses are available with the included SolidProfessor Online Video Library
  • Prep exams and other resources are available with the included MySolidWorks online resource
Learn more about Certification Exams

TriMech Advanced Manufacturing Services (AMS) help engineers to DESIGN, MAKE and FINISH their products. Use a $500 voucher* towards the cost of a manufacturing service for your project.

* Included with the SOLIDWORKS Elite Subscription Service

  • 3D Design Service: Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you design your products freely, improve quality, and create new business opportunities for your business. From ensuring a seamless 3D design to product manufacturing process, our team will help you achieve your business goals with 3D Design, 3D Scanning / Reverse Engineering and Design Simulation.
  • On-demand Manufacturing: We provide Designers and Manufacturers with a variety of custom-tailored 3D printing and CNC machining services, including high-performance prototypes, tooling, molding and manufacturing aids, end-use parts, and low-volume production runs.
  • Get a Professional Finish: Make your prototypes functional and look realistic with professional finishes from expert model makers. TriMech offers a wide variety of 3D Printing Post-Processing Services to meet even the most demanding applications. Allowing you to reduce your 3D printing cycle time and obtain the most realistic prototype for fit, form and function testing, sales, and marketing.
Visit our AMS Website

Looking to maximize the benefits of your SOLIDWORKS software. We have the classes for you to master the fundamentals or get advanced training, at every level. No one beats our team of trainers! Learn from the most qualified experts in the industry and advance your skills in any one of our available courses. Take a training class live online or at one of TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS Authorized Training Centers located throughout the eastern United States, across Canada and the UK. We provide training classes online and in-person for all user levels. Use the $500 voucher included with your subscription towards the cost of a training course from TriMech.

* Included with the SOLIDWORKS Elite Subscription Service during the active subscription term

  • SOLIDWORKS CAD Basic to Advanced Training Courses
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training Courses
  • SOLIDWORKS Communication (Visualize, MBD, Inspection, GD&T) Training Courses
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training Courses
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Training Courses
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM Training Courses
  • SOLIDWORKS Automation (DriveWorks) Training Courses
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Training Courses
  • 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Training Courses
Browse Our Training Courses

A Client Care Visit is an opportunity for you to benefit from engagement with our Applications Engineers. For our clients currently on subscription, these complimentary visits are our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your business. We want to be respectful of your time, so a typical CCV is usually around one hour.

This service is available to both Essential and Elite Subscription clients during the active subscription service term.

Get your SOLIDWORKS design and manufacturing questions answered through a LIVE online consultation session with a TriMech certified expert.

* A company will get an equivalent number of “Ask an Expert” sessions to the number of SOLIDWORKS Elite seats on Subscription during the active subscription service term.

  • Discover New Techniques: You may not have had the opportunity to make the most of your existing technology such as a SOLIDWORKS Premium add-in. A live session will give the opportunity to learn new techniques and get the most out of the technology you already have.
  • Research New Technology: We know that finding the right technology to meet your needs is often time consuming and frustrating. So we want to make it quick and easy for you to research new SOLIDWORKS technology for your business with a live session with an expert.
  • Improve your Business: Let us show you how the expansive SOLIDWORKS technology solutions from TriMech can help you improve many areas of your business, from electrical design to cloud collaboration.
Learn about Ask a TriMech Expert

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Plans

Choose from an Essential and Elite Service Plan

Service Benefit Essential Service Elite Service
Live Technical Support
Software Upgrades & Service Packs
SolidProfessor 15K+ Video Based Tutorials
SolidProfessor Site License
Logins for up to 3x the number of Elite SOLIDWORKS Subscription users
SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Requests
MySolidWorks Community & Resources
Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard Software
Available with SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium
SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Software
Advanced Manufacturing Services Voucher ($500 value)
Client Care Visit (CCV)
Ask a TriMech Expert Live Sessions  
Live In-person Training Course Voucher ($500 value)  
TriMech Services Discount (20% off)
Applies to Professional Services (up to $10K per PO/Order)
Cannot be combined with vouchers
Does not apply to PEG Services

* Services, discounts and coupons are only available during the active subscription service term



Discover What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Enhance your 3D CAD capabilities by connecting your design processes to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for access to powerful tools across the entire product development lifecycle, including data management, collaboration, advanced simulation, manufacturing, and production.

Client Testimonial

SOLIDWORKS Subscription is the best money I have ever spent! You wouldn’t buy a car without good warranty! The TriMech Client Success Team keeps my program in perfect running condition. The technical team is amazing, knowledgeable, friendly, and simple and easy to access. They make you feel like an important part of their family.

Nick Panasiuk

Self Employed

Client Testimonial

The TriMech Client Success Team continues to be a life saver and valued extension to our on going needs with SOLIDWORKS and PDM. Always helping us to find a resolution on issues from small questions, best practices, how to, and OMG the world just collapsed.

Carlo Ceroli

GE Water and Process Technologies

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Elite Services

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