SOLIDWORKS PDM and Toolbox: Configuring and Updating

TriMech Elite Applications Engineer, Sawyer Gara discusses the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and its integration into SOLIDWORKS PDM.

One of life’s biggest questions is “Do we want to manage our SOLIDWORKS Toolbox inside of PDM or do we want each engineer to be responsible for their own Toolbox”. From one perspective, leaving the Toolbox outside of the vault means less admin-level configuration and more flexibility for each user to create components and configurations at their own will. However, putting the Toolbox inside of the PDM Vault and therefore controlling it like any other file means we have a more secure and collaborative system that leaves out the nonsense, less-used configurations.

Sawyer Gara, a TriMech Elite Applications Engineer, discusses SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and its integration into SOLIDWORKS PDM. He begins by familiarizing attendees with the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and discussing the benefits of using it as opposed to manually creating standard hardware. From here he covers how to tell SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage our Toolbox and recognize where it lives. After telling PDM to use our Toolbox, we can then configure SOLIDWORKS to use that shared location! Finally, he touches on some key settings within PDM to ensure the Toolbox integration is successful and to ensure future upgrades go off without a hitch.

During this SOLIDWORKS PDM On-Demand Webinar, you will learn:

  • Overview of SOLIDWORKS Toolbox
  • Setting Up Toolbox within PDM
  • Configuring SOLIDWORKS to use the correct Toolbox
  • Key Settings when Working within PDM
  • How to Update the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox