MacLean experience faster turn around for their Mining Equipment with SOLIDWORKS

After implementing SOLIDWORKS their mining industry product designs are 100% complete in 50% less time resulting in faster product turn around.

Canadian MacLean Engineering & Marketing Co. are a manufacturer of heavy mining equipment for the underground mining industry.

MacLean’s Goals

  • Faster turn around time required (time to market critical factor)
  • Capacity/Capability to handle large assemblies
  • Ability to do custom design work and easily incorporate design changes
  • Compatibility with existing inventory system
  • Provide more complete visualization prior to production

Mining Industry Results

  • Selected SOLIDWORKS over CADKey, Creo, SolidEdge and Mechanical Desktop for functionality, parametric, price, ease of use and compatibility with existing inventory system
  • Purchased 23 licenses (4 SOLIDWORKS Premium and 19 SOLIDWORKS Professional)
  • Product designs 100% complete in 50% less time resulting in faster product turn around
  • Improved product quality due to more thorough/complete designs, equates to approximate savings of 40%
  • Ability to efficiently handle large assemblies
  • Easily incorporate parametric changes
  • 25% savings realized on parts manufacturing
  • Efficiently and accurately evaluate cost of models with SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA (Included in SOLIDWORKS Premium Package)
  • Improved internal and external communications with SOLIDWORKS eDrawings (Professional/Premium Packages)
  • Design validation and less rework attributed to SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • Currently experiencing growth in overseas markets as well as an increase in sales (approximately 10%) due to better product designs and faster turn around