SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbol Passing & Wire Numbering

In this on-demand webinar you will learn about the various SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbol passing type how to set them up.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows four different signal-passing types that can be applied to a symbol. We will highlight what each symbol passing type means and how to set up a symbol for each passing type.

Included in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbol on-demand webinar

Alaa Hosn, helps us understand what each SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbol passing type means and how they behave. To show this, we modify a symbol to reflect each of the passing types before numbering the attached wires to see how they are impacted.

In addition to symbol passing types, we deomonstrate how easy it is to number wires in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. The wire number can be modified to display the information necessary for any wire. An example will be provided on how to modify the wire and equipotential formulas to reflect the preferred callouts.

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • The different symbol passing types (information transmission)
  • How to set up signal-passing symbols
  • How to number/renumber wires
  • Customizing your wire labeling standards