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Excellerant CNC Machine Monitoring & IIoT Platform

Optimize your shop floor with Excellerant. A real-time machine data and communications platform designed to connect and integrate your entire manufacturing process.

Open Tomorrow’s Frontiers by understanding Today’s Data with Excellerant MDC

Excellerant is a shop-floor monitoring, DNC, and communications platform that integrates your CNC machine tool data directly into your existing network of CAD/CAM, ERP, and MES software solutions.

Connect Shop Floor to ERP

Excellerant MDC™ connects manufacturing data streams in real time — from shop floor controls to ERP and back again. It operates with both modern and legacy machines across a wide array of retrieval standards and protocols.

Measure Machine Performance

Excellerant MDC’s deep functionality allows machine performance to be reviewed, predicted, and even simulated, while enabling timely communication about production and capacity across the organization.


Excellerant MDC Overview

“Excellerant MDC is transforming our machine environment. It is providing us with more accurate and timely production data by streaming directly into our ERP system without the need of unnecessary paper documents that were laden with error.”

Shawn Bergeron

Continuous Improvement Leader, C&M Machine Products

CNC Machining
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Excellerant Capabilities

Real-time CNC machine tool monitoring

Your shop-floor data made actionable. Excellerant is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform designed to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing equipment. By networking your CNC machine tools (both new and old) together with your ERP and MES software, you can easily generate insights that let you make better decisions, faster.

  • Monitor your jobs in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Receive instant email alerts if your machines experience unplanned downtime.
  • View historical data to find and eliminate bottlenecks in your production.

Powerful, yet intuitive NC file management

Excellerant DNC was built with CAM programmers in mind. By using a centralized database, programmers have complete control over their NC files and revisions. Tablets at each machine give operators immediate access to the latest NC file for their specific job. If they make adjustments to feed-rate or other code during manufacturing, these changes are automatically flagged and sent back to the programmer for review. Excellerant’s “One-Click G-Code Compare” ensures your files are always up-to-date and that code improvements are saved from run-to-run.

30 years DNC networking experience

The Excellerant team has spent the last 30 years DNC networking thousands of machine tools across hundreds of manufacturing plants. We have the expert knowledge needed to network any mix of CNC machines, modern or legacy.

  • Excellerant DNC hardware is plug-and-play ready for both modern machine connections and older serial protocols, such as MTConnect, OPC UA, Fanuc Focas, HAAS MNET, and Mazak Mazatrol. Our Open API support ensures any peripheral system can connect, as well.
  • Whether you want to expand an existing wired DNC network, or are looking to add a wireless DNC adaptor to an older RS232 serial connection, we have the tools and experience you need.

Preferred choice for aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturers

Excellerant DNC is the preferred choice for many aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturers whose customers require adherence to strict quality and compliance standards. Since confidentiality is essential when handling sensitive customer information and drawings, user permissions were built to be highly customizable.

  • 100% secure and compliant with quality and defense standards such as ISO 9000 and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)
  • Excellerant DNC ensures files remain secure and access is only passed to authorized machine operators and programmers.
  • Our Active Directory integration makes managing group permissions both simple and consistent across your entire organization.
  • Our optional Rev-Lock-Load feature limits each CNC machine to a single program request and requires the program to be sent back to the server before accessing a new program.
  • Ensure compliance with any one-program-per-machine requirements your quality process may require.

An efficient ecosystem of humans, machines, software, and process

Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers the opportunity to streamline operations quickly and efficiently through connection of the CNC machines and systems above the shop floor, allowing you to leverage the insights given to optimize and fix what needs attention.

  • Improve your factory by familiarizing yourself with new data resources. Consider increasing the synergy between machines and workers to avoid stagnation and drive innovation.
  • Streamline your process by learning from past data, current issues, and downtime across the factory floor to more effectively test new procedures. You’ll be less afraid to try something new in a smart factory!
  • Scales your business by discovering where an area of your manufacturing business may have plateaued. But by watching what is happening in other areas, you can see the growth that you could never have predicted before.

How does your company handle machine downtime?

Excellerant’s software gives you the power to track and reduce equipment downtime, increase your facility’s productivity and meet production goals by using machine downtime reports from connected machines to make historical and real-time decisions.

  • Avoid unplanned downtime by monitoring machine control and sensor data.
  • View real-time machine data to measure changes in frequency, amplitude, intensity of forces, and bearing wear.
  • Track down problems by analyzing time-series charts that show how the machinery is performing over time.
  • Monitor and track the status and health of your machine assets; export real-time data to help diagnose problems.
  • Instantly share machine data with your service provider so they can provide quick, remote support and help to bring the machines back online.
  • Stay connected to your team. Track incidents through a workflow, and stay informed while alerting the right person at the right time.

Bridging the gap between the shop-floor and the top-floor

Excellerant’s built-in chat module allows operators to chat directly with floor-managers and engineers via tablets on each machine tool.

  • Job notes and live machine data (such as tooling information) is available directly in the chat tool, so there is always context for each conversation.
  • One-click dialog options are available via the tablet interface, so operators can quickly respond without needing to type.

How Excellerant Works

Excellerant Wireless DNC


It has never been easier to integrate shop floor data into a company’s manufacturing process.

​Many modern CNCs come equipped with options that make connecting to Excellerant as simple as plugging in an ethernet cable or connecting to WiFi.

Specialty or legacy devices can be linked through serial communications or an added PLC – regardless of control type or device age.

Excellerant Monitoring


Powerful as they are, ERP systems are not the full solution — they cannot process what they cannot see.

Manufacturing data is so complex and non-uniform that ERP and MES systems often struggle to reach even basic manufacturing environment data. As a result, the front office remains critically separated from the shop floor.

The Excellerant platform conforms a vast array of data streams and makes them accessible in an elegant, logical, and adaptable computing environment.

Excellerant Deployment


Because Excellerant is a server-based platform, client deployment is as simple as opening a web browser from any device.

Easily deploy tablets with operator-specific inputs for each machine tool. Mount industrial displays for real-time production schedules across your plant. View machine state and data reports from any PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Client access is unlimited, so you can add additional users and displays at any time, with no additional licensing fees.


Powerful as they are, ERP systems are not the full solution — they cannot process what they cannot see.

Manufacturing data is so complex and non-uniform that ERP and MES systems often struggle to reach even basic manufacturing environment data. As a result, the front office remains critically separated from the shop floor.

Excellerant MDC conforms a vast array of data streams and makes them accessible in an elegant, logical, and adaptable computing environment.

Let your managers, report writers, and developers focus on their core missions rather than spending time becoming domain experts on CNC connectivity.

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Excellarant MDC System
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