Data Management

Need Data Management help? TriMech provides expert services for SOLIDWORKS PDM and Microsoft SQL, including Installation, Configuration, Data Migration, Admin Support & Training.

Data is one of your most important assets, TriMech is here to help with every aspect of managing it!

Data Management Specialty

Data Analytics

  • Comprehensive Data Scan
  • Duplicates File Name and File Content
  • Invalid References
  • File Properties
  • Thorough Usage Questionnaire
  • Reporting and Roadmap Solutions

Data Management Expertise


  • Server Application Installation
  • Microsoft SQL Installation and Configuration
  • Turnkey Vault Configuration
  • Custom Vault Configuration
  • Multiple Training Options
  • Go Live Support

Unique Services

Data Migration

  • Fully Documented and Engineering Proven Process
  • Duplicate Name and Content
  • Advanced Renaming Options
  • CAD Missing Reference Repairs
  • Custom Property/Revision Clean Up, Renaming and Mapping
  • Complete Document History Control
  • Multiple Vault Data Locations to Single Vault Location

TriMech Capabilities

Systems we have experience migrating data from:

  • Adept
  • Agile
  • Bluecelio Teamworks
  • DBWorks
  • Export Based
  • Intralink
  • Profile
  • Share Point
  • Smarteam
  • SQL Based Systems
  • Team Center
  • Tip-Qa
  • Vault Professional
  • Windchill
  • Windows Explorer
  • WorkGroup PDM
  • Home Grown Systems

We specialize in these products and conversions

  • Implementing SOLIDWORKS Standard and Professional
  • Implementing and configuring SOLIDWORKS PDM
  • Implementing and configuring SOLIDWORKS Manage
  • Implementing and configuring SOLIDWORKS Electrical
  • Implementing 3DEXPERIENCE environments
  • Implementing Exalead One Part
  • Upgrade SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard to Professional System
  • Upgrade PDM Professional or PDM Standard to Specified Version and Service Pack
  • Upgrade SQL Standard (limited to SQL Standard installations performed by TriMech)
  • Upgrade SOLIDWORKS to Specified Version and Service Pack
  • Upgrade Archive Replicated Vault
  • Upgrade PDM Server and Client components
  • Upgrade and move SOLIDWORKS Manage

Taking service one step beyond

  • Ongoing configuration for enterprise systems
  • Create Test Environment for qualifying the PDM System
  • Install Replicated Archive Server(s) and set up Replication schema
  • Install and configure Web2 Server
  • Move Archive Replicated Vaults
  • Move the PDM Server and/or the SolidNetWork License Server
  • Upgrade Web Server Service
  • Move Web Server
  • Test and Verify functionality of PDM System
  • Install, Upgrade or move SOLIDWORKS Toolbox
  • Upgrade SOLIDWORKS files internal to PDM Vault
  • Install SOLIDWORKS Toolbox for management in the PDM vault

Teaching you everything you need to know

  • On-site and engagement with critical members of your team
  • Server Performance Evaluation – Standard
  • Server Performance Evaluation – Advanced
  • Customization of PDM to meet company requirements
  • Provide actionable, practical recommendations to you
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Interface Training
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin Training

Helping You Compete

“TriMech was an extension of our business and supported us throughout the entire process. Without them, we never would have been able to produce our idea into a product. It’s nice to know there’s a company that we can go to that has the technical knowledge and the support services to help a small business produce product lines that can compete with large global companies.”

David Mullsteff

President, Tactical Deplotment System

Filling Companies’ Gaps

“The value TriMech brought to us was a whole different skill-set we didn’t even realize we lacked. Once we realized that, we wanted to learn how to fill the gap and continue to grow our own resources and staff. TriMech continued to be a good partner and teacher in our continuous learning and exploration.”

Tie Duan

Research & Development Manager, Construction Specialist