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Working With Exploded Views and BOMs (not bombs)

Working With Exploded Views and BOMs (not bombs)

SOLIDWORKS is full of features it can be difficult to keep everything straight. Whether you need a little refresher or need an introduction to exploded views and bill of materials, this is the right webinar for you. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Chang Lee, walks you through both exploded views and bill of materials (BOMs) in SOLIDWORKS. He explains what exploded views are, how to create them, the benefits of them and why you should use them. Then, he changes courses and discuss BOMs and the advanced options for customizing the properties of tables. You learn how to pull information from parts and assemblies into your drawings after the webinar. 

In this webinar, Chang teaches you all about:

  • Exploded views
  • Assembly configurations
  • BOMs
  • Templates
  • Custom properties

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