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Wiring and Cable Design Using Mil-Spec Components

Wiring and Cable Design Using Mil-Spec Components

Designing schematics and wiring harnesses with mil-spec parts come with its own set of hurdles. One of the larger challenges we face is trying to fit a lot of electronics into a small equipment bay in a short development time. This can cause delays and tiny details can get overlooked. Watch our webinar to discover how SOLIDWORKS Electrical can help.

About This On-Demand Webinar

Watch our webinar as TriMech Electrical Products Specialist, Keith Steiner, takes you on a tour of the software and demonstrates how it functions. He teaches you how to use the tool to design a wiring harness to connect several connectorized boxes that could contain navigation equipment, sensor systems, weapon system components, etc. Different industries use various methods of documenting, but in this webinar, you learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical can provide records that provide support for the full design. 

In this webinar, Keith discusses:

  • How SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a flexible, powerful schematic design and documentation tool 
  • How every industry has unique requirements and practices for schematic design
  • How to easily show and document the design you need using a design tool that integrates the symbolic with the realistic
  • How to minimize missed details that usually cause delays and expense 

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