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What's in Those Documents? SOLIDWORKS Data Management

What's in Those Documents? SOLIDWORKS Data Management

Have you ever wanted to find a document, but can’t remember the filename and only know a word or phrase that is inside the document? With SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional you can search files for words in their content to quickly locate your document.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech System Architect, Keith Thompson, shows you how to configure the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Content Search to enable searching the contents of documents in the PDM vault. Whether the file is a SOLIDWORKS document or a Microsoft Office document, you can use SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to search the document’s content or properties to find the right file.

In this webinar, Keith covers:

  • Configuring Content Search in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Setting up the index server for a vault
  • Learn how to use Content Search to find files
  • How to remove a vault index