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What To Do With All This Data?

What To Do With All This Data?

Do you feel like you have a mountain of data that won’t stop growing? Don’t let it overwhelm you! Watch our webinar as we present you with a guideline to organize and conquer it.

About This On-Demand Webinar

Watch our webinar as TriMech Technical Manager, Eric Bright, takes you through the four major steps of our strategy: evaluate, plan, manage and distribute. We call this the TriMech Data Doctor, a unique tool that allows you to scan and assess the health of your data. Discover how this works, the best way to use it and the benefits in our webinar.

In this webinar, Eric explains in detail the four major steps: 

  • Evaluate: Create a baseline of your current data
  • Plan: Decide how to store your data initially 
  • Manage: Establish the platform to host the data
  • Distribute: Get the right data to the right person

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