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Using SOLIDWORKS Surfacing With Sheet Metal

Using SOLIDWORKS Surfacing With Sheet Metal

SOLIDWORKS has a plethora of tools right at your fingertips. Sometimes, when it comes to modeling surface metal, we need to get creative with how to generate unique parts. Watch our webinar to discover the array of surfacing options available in the software.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer, Stephen Choi, walks through how to convert surface models into a sheet metal part within SOLIDWORKS. He shows you how to make organic shapes and complicated geometries with the surfacing tool that we previously were not able to do as easily. 

In this webinar, Stephen teaches you how to:

  • Create a sheet metal part based off the face of a different part
  • Use surfacing to create odd forming in the sheet metal part
  • Flatten a sheet metal part made with surfacing 
  • Convert surfaces into sheet metal
  • Use other surfacing tools you may not be familiar with

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