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Using Prototype & Production Revision Schemes

Using Prototype & Production Revision Schemes

Many companies find themselves needing to embrace the concept of how to control file versions with more than a simple revisioning scheme. In many cases, you may have a different mechanism for your prototype revision than you do for your production revisions. There are many possibilities and combinations at hand depending on the use case for your company’s deployment.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our webinar, TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Tim Paris, walks through different ways on how to set up revision numbering to match the numbering schemes used in your company. He also covers how to define the potential needs and how to apply the schemes to the items, files and their referenced files such as drawings, assemblies and parts. In addition, he highlights how different workflows or processes can be managed using SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, looking at the pros and cons of using that as a solution. 

In this webinar, Tim helps you:

  • Learn more complex revisioning
  • Learn where to use one or multiple workflows to support the revisioning 
  • Understand revision counters in more detail
  • Understand the limitation in PDM Standard with revisioning

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