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Upgrade Your Hardware and Software for Maximum Productivity in 2023

Upgrade Your Hardware and Software for Maximum Productivity in 2023

Like all users of large assemblies, you hate wasting time looking at the little blue circle while waiting for your assemblies to load or for the graphics data to be regenerated. You heard many “experts” proclaiming that the evolution in CPU technology has reached a plateau and probably suspect that upgrading your 3-year-old workstation would provide a minimal improvement in performance.

What about the software? Do you have high hopes that your assemblies will open much faster should you upgrade to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS?

Watch Alin Vargatu – Large Assembly Wizard at TriMech, Scott Hamilton – Global Industry Strategist at DELL and Don Breda – Senior Alliance Manager at NVIDIA, share how assemblies are opening 4 times faster after performing a “routine upgrade” of hardware and software.

large assemblies and the effect of upgrading your hardware and software

Let’s dispel the most common myths related to specking professional CAD workstations, like:

  • Everyone knows that SOLIDWORKS is single threaded, so the only important factor for performance is the frequency of the CPU. The CPU in my old PC has a higher frequency than what is available in the latest workstations. Why would I upgrade?
  • SOLIDWORKS just needs a certified GPU, so buy the cheapest available. I heard that there is almost no gain investing in a higher-end video card. Is that true?
  • I can build my own PC much cheaper than the cost of a brand-name professional workstation. Will I miss anything performance-wise in SOLIDWORKS?

Not all system configurations are right for every engineer, so drilling into what tasks and components of SOLIDWORKS you are using is important. That’s why Dell and TriMech have worked with SOLIDWORKS to recommend ‘easy button’ configurations for everything from SOLIDWORKS PDM, through SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Visualize, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages.

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • The best time to upgrade your hardware
  • Common myths related to specking professional CAD workstations
  • Where TriMech clients can find exclusive savings of up to 50% for professional workstation