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Understanding Your 3D File Formats

Understanding Your 3D File Formats

STLs, OBJs, CMBs, Oh My! With so much file extension alphabet soup going on, it is hard to know what-is-what and when-to-use-which when it comes to 3D file formats. Compile that with a myriad of different 3D printing technologies and it is easy to get overwhelmed and fall back to your old friend – the SLT. But don’t worry, we’re here to clear up and confusion.

About This Webinar

TriMech’s Lead 3D Printing Applications Engineer, Ricky Shannon takes a .STEP by .STP approach (yeah, I did that) and goes over the most common file types used in 3D printing. While he isn’t be able to explore every obscure format out there, he does cover the most common file extensions exportable on leading modeling programs. He might even cover a few you didn’t know you can 3D print from. Ricky takes the mystery out of when-to-use-what and maybe even debunks a few misnomers on the way. If you do any 3D printing or even just setup files of others to print, this webinar should not be missed.

In this webinar Ricky covers:

  • Why you shouldn’t be using STLs
  • What file types carry color data
  • Which file types and settings impact part accuracy
  • How to 3D printing from native CAD files from GrabCAD Print
  • Why your SOLIDWORKS file might be the best 3D print format of all?