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Understanding Composites Analysis Simulation

Understanding Composites Analysis Simulation

Composite materials present unique challenges for design and analysis and they require a slightly different approach than standard materials to characterize. SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help you understand more complex component responses by analyzing the composite parts.

About This Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Eric Lanoue, dives into understanding composites and the options available within SOLIDWORKS to analyze composite materials. Eric reviews what composite materials are and then covers the distinct challenges and constraints of efficient composites design. He goes over material characterization, orthotropic materials, shell analysis and composite layup development. Eric shows why the SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools for composites analysis are widely accessible for everyone from entry-level to the experienced designer.

In this webinar, Eric covers:

  • Understanding composites
  • Material characterization for analysis
  • Study setup for composite mesh
  • Composite lay-up development
  • Reading the results