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TriMech Tips & Tricks: Sweeps & Threads

TriMech Tips & Tricks: Sweeps & Threads

The basics of creating a sweep are known to many SOLIDWORKS users; simply choose a profile and a path. While this works well to create basic shapes, anything more complex will require constraints called guide curves. Let us teach you how to create these curves in SOLIDWORKS and how to modify the simple shapes of our original sweeps to something more complex.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech Solutions Consultant, Stephen Choi, discusses some more advanced topics surrounding Sweeps and Threads that will give us more control over complicated geometry. While most of us may have already been exposed to Sweeps and may have used them to create 3D geometry, there are techniques that can be used to create shapes that would be incredibly difficult to model otherwise.

In this webinar, Stephen covers:

  • Sweep curvature continuity tips (Zebra Stripe Evaluation Tool) 
  • Converting curves to splines for sweep paths 
  • Start sketches normal to model edges 
  • Using guide curves to control sweep geometry 
  • Using a body for a swept cut