TriMech Tips & Tricks: Assemblies

TriMech Tips & Tricks: Assemblies

We all know that creating and managing a SOLIDWORKS assembly can be a challenge or at least, take more time than you’d like. Whether the task is to add mates, pattern components, or create exploded views, you may be missing out on assembly tools that will make the job easier.

About This Webinar

TriMech Application Engineer, Chis Mowatt, discusses his favorite SOLIDWORKS tools that are not only easy to use, but will speed up your entire assembly process. Chris demonstrates how to use the Mate Controller which allows you to create quick motion animations. Multiple configurations will never be a problem again after you discover these helpful tips and tricks.

In this webinar, Chris covers:

  • Learn shortcuts for navigating assembly components, mates and errors
  • Learn methods to apply mates in tricky situations
  • Save time with efficient component patterning options
  • Quickly create exploded views and sketches for multiple configurations

Interested in learning more? Check out our Video Tech Tip, Working With the Belt and Chain in Assemblies.