TriMech Tips & Tricks: 3D Sketches

TriMech Tips & Tricks: 3D Sketches

Traditionally when working with sketches, one of the axes is ignored to allow for a simpler method of creating feature profiles. However, when working in a three-dimensional space as opposed to traditional two-dimensional, your sketching may become difficult without the right knowledge or skills. Are you ready to learn some of the best tips and tricks for 3D sketching?

About This Webinar

TriMech Application Engineer, Stephen Choi, discusses his favorite features of the 3D sketching tool. Stephen demonstrates how to create sweeps, lofts, and structure systems with a high level of control and confidence. Whether the goal is to design a weldment structure, model organic shapes, or cable routing, 3D sketching is ready to assist you with your complex design.

In this webinar, Stephen covers:

  • Differences between 2D and 3D sketches
  • Available relations in a 3D sketch
  • How to create lines in a 3D sketch to create a weldment set/structure system
  • Sketching splines and using 3D sketch planes to control sketch entity location
  • Creating lines and curves on 3D surfaces for lofts and boundary surfaces

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